French Country Decor Done Right

Saturday 22nd Jun 2024 |

Here’s everything you need to know about this refined and rustic style from interior design experts

French country decor has seen a remarkable rise in popularity recently, catching the attention of many who have identified it as the leading trend of this season. 

New research by online home decor brand Plank Hardware revealed that searches for ‘mid century furniture’ and ‘french country design’ have surged an impressive 5,000% in the UK over the past 7 days alone.

Also known as French provincial decor, this style embodies the rustic yet elegant aesthetics of the French countryside, particularly drawing inspiration from regions such as Provence. Delicate details are used to create a space that is both inviting and timeless. 

Tom Revill, co-founder and creative director of Plank Hardware, shares how to achieve this look in your home.

  1. Start with your colour palette 

“French country interiors embrace soft, muted tones such as creamy whites, pastel blues, yellows and greens, to create a calm and serene space. Earthy tones such as subtle browns and terracotta add depth and contrast. For a cohesive look, consider painting both walls and ceilings in the same shade. This approach works wonders in achieving a seamless room design.”

French Country Decor
  1. Rustic yet refined furniture pieces 

“Prioritise furniture pieces with playful shapes such as curved silhouettes, bobbin edges and ornate details. These elements embody the rustic, yet refined look seen in French country decor. Incorporating antique furniture enhances the authenticity of this style, adding a sense of history to your space. Wooden furniture, in both light and dark tones, is often embraced within this trend.”

  1. Natural and soft fabrics 

“You want your space to feel light and airy, so choose natural materials such as linen and cotton to dress your room. Whether you opt for soft linen curtains, pillows or throws, these fabrics will bring comfort to your space. Incorporate fabrics with traditional patterns such as florals, stripes and checks to add subtle visual interest without overwhelming your interior design scheme.”

  1. Vintage accessories

“Incorporate decorative elements such as handcrafted ceramics and pottery. Vintage decor pieces like antique vases and display trays, patinated mirrors and aged books add character to a space. Together, these elements support the trend of blending historical and handcrafted items with contemporary design, creating a layered, eclectic look that is both stylish and deeply personal.”

  1. Antique brass fixtures and fittings 
French Country Decor

“Antique brass, with its deep, vintage-inspired finish blends seamlessly with the soft, neutral palette typically found in French country decor.

“Brass detailing can easily be incorporated into furniture design. Antique brass handles and knobs on wooden cabinets and side tables, providing a sense of continuity and cohesion throughout the space. The juxtaposition of antique brass with natural materials like wood and stone, as seen in French country decor, creates a harmonious balance between sophistication and rusticity.”

“These elements add a touch of vintage charm to furniture pieces, reminiscent of historic French countryside homes, where attention to detail and craftsmanship are paramount.

Tom said, “French country inspired decor is experiencing a resurgence as homeowners seek to blend elegance with comfort. This style offers a timeless appeal that brings a sense of both history and sophistication to modern living spaces. The beauty of French country decor lies in its ability to make a home feel both inviting and refined, a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

For more interior design inspiration, visit the Plank Hardware website.

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