Frank’s Redhot Sauce Team Present the Flager – the Hottest Way to Enjoy Your Match Day Pint

Wednesday 15th May 2024 |

As England fans start to gear up for a tantalising summer of football, Frank’s RedHot Sauce is letting beer-drinkers know how they can kick it up a notch by adding a spicy twist to their match-day pint. Introducing the ‘Flager’ – a fiery new drink that consists of a few simple ingredients; a handful of ice, a measure of Frank’s RedHot Sauce, a pint of one’s favourite crisp lager and a spritz of zesty fresh lime. A true masterpiece for the tastebuds, that’s set to take beer drinking to new flavoursome heights. 

To welcome Flager to the world and celebrate the game-changing twist on a pub classic, Frank’s has enlisted acting royalty and football fan, Danny Dyer to star in a tongue-in-cheek ‘perfect pour’ demonstration video HERE. The 90-second clip opens up on the TV star back behind the bar of an east-end boozer reeling off existing iconic duos such as fish and chips and of course football and lager. Next up, we see Dyer get to work. Grabbing a pint glass, he starts filling it with ice – a crucial ingredient for the spicy concoction – before adding a generous amount of Frank’s RedHot Sauce, followed by a cool pouring of lager. He gives the drink a stern mix, watching as the ingredients marry together, before it’s finished off with a squeeze of fresh lime. Dyer gives his work a quick taste test and confirms – in his own much-loved style – that it is indeed “double decent”.

Danny Dyer commented “I’m buzzing to be part of the launch of Flager! As a huge Frank’s fan, it felt like a no-brainer, as it involves all of my favourite things; football, lager and hot sauce! I wasn’t sure whether it would taste decent or not, but it’s actually proper naughty. It’s got a perfect mix of flavour and spice and I think people are going to be surprised at the fact the pairing really works. I’ll definitely be having a few of these over the summer, watching England bring it home of course!” 

With only a handful of easy-to-find ingredients needed, the Flager can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, or at the pub with mates (no shame in bringing your own condiments to the boozer!) and any leftover Frank’s can be poured over chips, chicken and more. 

Today’s launch of the Flager is the first of many football related activities for Frank’s this summer. Over the next few weeks, the hot sauce brand will be releasing additional video content and announcing a consumer viewing event, where they can cheer the Three Lions on to victory. 

Amit Singh, EMEA Marketing Director at McCormick said“Frank’s RedHot Sauce brings the perfect blend of heat and flavour to any food pairing, enhancing dishes with its bold and distinctive profile. Inspired by this versatility, we decided it was time to experiment with lager, exploring new dimensions of taste and excitement in the world of beverages. What better time to launch than before a scintillating summer of football?”

Try the Flager out for yourself and share across social media using #Flager. Be the first to know about Frank’s exciting summer activations by following the hot sauce brand on Instagram and TikTok. Please remember to drink responsibly. 18+ only.