Food Trends for 2022

Tuesday 28th Dec 2021 |

Jordan Moore, Senior Recipe Developer at recipe box Gousto, talks about what he predicts to be around the corner in 2022, from multi-sensory foods to East Asian cuisine.

2021, another funny old year, but one where food, cooking and eating has continued to rise in interest and topicality. Consumer habits have changed significantly and when the world slows down we see more people than ever turn to the kitchen to get their kicks, exploring new cuisines, testing out the latest food hacks and discovering exotic ingredients. Recipe delivery service Gousto predicts the boldest flavours arriving on the scene in 2022.

What will be tickling our taste buds in 2022?

Food Trends for 2022 – Multi-Sensory Food

When we think about food, we all focus primarily on how it tastes. But as we adventure into new cuisines and recipes, the whole sensory experience is becoming equally as important.

Jordan expands, ‘Consumers are looking to explore food that stimulates all of their senses as the pandemic has restricted so much of this over the last couple of years. There’s going to be a rise in food you eat with your hands, from Ethiopian stews scooped up with a fermented flatbread known as injera to eye-catching Mexican blue corn tacos filled with bold and authentic flavours.’

Do the bright, pastel colours and pillowy texture of cloud bread ring a bell with anyone?

Food Trends for 2022 – ? Flexitarian? Climatarian!

What we put on our plates isn’t just for enjoyment, it is increasingly seen as a tool for change.  This year, recipe box Gousto found that on average, one in five meals ordered each week were vegetarian. Jordan expanded “In particular, we saw a huge uptake in our vegetarian and plant-based offering of our ‘Wild Buns’ range- a range that flipped traditional burger flavours on their heads. Fiery Marmite-Glazed Burger anyone?” 

All this could suggest, as we head into 2022, that people are looking for ways to adopt a more climatarian way of eating, along with seeking adventurous ways to enjoy a more plant-based diet. For Jordan, his favourite plant-based hacks have been ‘anything that celebrates the wonder of vegetables! In particular, we’ve seen customers love mushrooms this year given they have so much versatility in how you use them and what you pair them with’

Food Trends for 2022 – Global Influences

food trends for 2022Korean recipes aren’t the only global cuisine that will continue to boom in 2022. Driven by restricted travel, 2021 saw Brit’s searching for ways to explore the bold and exotic flavours of the world from home. In fact, Gousto’s own research found that over a third of people (39%) credited lockdown boredom for their new-found food bravery while almost half (47%) used lockdown as an opportunity to upskill themselves in the kitchen.*  Jordan expands, ‘We wanted to take customers on a journey in their kitchen, because it wasn’t physically possible for so many of us this year. We expect to see trends of global cuisines continue to rise next year. In particular, East Asian food is set to rise in popularity this year with Japanese, Japanese fusion and more regional Chinese food, opposed to just Cantonese, becoming global interests and muses.’

Food Trends for 2022 – The Next King of Cheese

Jordan’s final prediction sees the king of grillable cheese, halloumi, being given a run for its money by newcomer, paneer. “With its buttery, silky texture and high melting point, it’s just as versatile to cook as halloumi, but paneer absorbs flavour making it perfect for rubs, marinades and famously, curries and stews. In the second half of 2021, we saw our highest ever popularity for paneer with our Paneer Butter Masala and Coriander Rice, so we’re expecting to see paneer continue to boom in 2022”. 

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