Parisian tipples with a festive twist

Five iconic Parisian tipples with a festive twist

Friday 19th Nov 2021 |

Emily In Paris is returning this Christmas, due land on Netflix 22nd December, it’s time to immerse ourselves in French culture from the comfort of our own homes.

Some of the most iconic, elegant cocktails originated in the capital and to bring a Christmas ambience to your evenings, Bottled & Boxed have pulled together 5 Parisian drinks with a festive spin to try while you live through Emily Cooper.

Parisian tipples with a festive twist – Kir Royale

Perhaps one of the most iconic cocktails of all time, this sophisticated drink originated in Paris. Kir, named after and created by Mayor of Dijon, Felix Kir originated in Burgundy. He loved to use local ingredients, mixing regional white wine with local blackcurrant liqueur (crème de cassis) But, the Parisians upgraded the classic by incorporating champagne instead of white wine – developing the timeless Kir Royale.

The Kir Royale is a reluctant one to change, but at Christmas it can be extremely warming to add a hint of cinnamon. Add cinnamon sticks and some sparkling Rose and wait for the flavours to tingle your taste buds. Those festive flavours are worth tweaking the iconic favourite.

–          tbsp. crème de cassis

–          Champagne or Prosecco

–          1 Cinammon stick

–          Sparkling Rose

Parisian tipples with a festive twist – French 75 / The 75

The French 75 or just The 75 in France, the cocktail originated in Paris at an iconic bar named Harry’s New York. It was dubbed The 75 after World War 1, joking that the alcohol content was stronger than a 75mm Howitzer field gun. With the simple ingredients of gin, champagne, lemon juice and lemon zest it’s definitely another one for those who love a tart flavour.

To add an extra Christmassy twist to the classic, try swapping the gin for a spiced rum along with some orange zest. This warming alternative is full of flavour but maintains its classic champagne fizz and lemony flavour too. We think this would be perfect for Gabriel.

–          Spiced Rum

–          Champagne

–          Lemon juice

–          Orange zest

Parisian tipples with a festive twist – The Rose

The vibrant Pink tipple gives us serious Emily vibes fitting seamlessly with her quirky fashion sense and appearing across her social media. Its flavours include hints of cherry, Kirsch and strawberry or raspberry fruit syrups alongside Vermouth. This very-berry delight also featured behind the bar at Harry’s and created by bartender Johnny Mitta.

Adding some Christmas sparkle to The Rose is rather simple. The fruity addition of frozen cranberries is all you need to transform it while incorporating a tangy, dry sensation that will be perfect for those who prefer something less sweet. Pop in a dash of brown sugar for some warmth and you’re all set. Just in time for the beginning of episode one.

–          Kirsch

–          Fruit syrups – Strawberry/Raspberry

–          Vermouth

–          Brown sugar

–          Frozen Cranberries

–          Cranberry juice

Parisian tipples with a festive twist – Mimosa

The Mimosa was founded at the Ritz in Paris, it’s addition of fresh orange choice makes it the perfect brunch choice and who doesn’t love brunch? The Savoir team enjoy a long lunch, with fabulous food and drinks. Champagne of course is the second ingredient making it bubbly and refreshing, however not the most festive choice.

Luckily though, it’s fairly easy to add some holiday flavours which can be enjoyed in front of the television or as a one-off Christmas morning treat. Just combine Orange liquor, rosemary, and cranberry juice to your champagne of choice, garnish with a spring of rosemary and enjoy.

–          Orange juice

–          Champagne

–          Orange liquor

–          Cranberry juice

–          Rosemary

Parisian tipples with a festive twist – The Sidecar

Potentially unheard of in the rest of the world, The Sidecar is a favourite in the bars and bistros of Paris. Invented in 1922, in you guessed it Harry’s bar. It’s not confirmed where the drink got its name, but it has made its way to London over time too. It consists of Cognac, orange liquor, lemon juice and Dry Curaçao – so already has some spiced undertones. But where there is will there is a way, and you can definitely make this even more festive.

Aromatic flavours can be added within the garnish, the rim of the glass can be decorated with cinnamon sugar and up the ratio of ingredients such as the orange liquor to make it more prominent. The drink can seem quite a masculine choice, but we are positive that an independent, chic woman like Sylvie would order this drink.

–          Dry Curacao

–          Orange liquor

–          Cognac

–          Cinnamon sugar

“Creating and adding new flavours to drinks is fun and a great way to determine what you like. Emily In Paris has given a reason to look further a field at drinks you may not have tried or considered and make them your own this winter season. 

“Whether you’re drinking while you watch or experimenting for a celebration filled Christmas Day, there are no rules, and you may just invent something spectacular like the bartenders of Harry’s did back in the 1920s. You may not feel like tweaking these Parisian classics but trying them in their original glory could be a great evening shared with friends or family.”

Steve King, Bottled & Boxed

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