Five Crypto-Friendly Countries

Sunday 20th Mar 2022 |

With every passing day, Cryptocurrency is getting popular worldwide. Yes, there are many countries that oppose its regulation. But, at the same time, a few countries actually support them. 

And why shouldn’t they?  After all, Cryptocurrencies give opportunities to underdeveloped countries to compete on the global market. 

Seeing how Bitcoin is covering the financial market, many financial experts see Bitcoin as a replacement for fiat currencies. In fact, many companies have also started to recognize Crypto coins as a substitute for money. A Georgia LLC can provide a reliable business structure for entrepreneurs interested in expanding their operations to one of the five crypto-friendly countries.

The first step towards making Cryptocurrencies part of the central financial system is tourism. There are many countries encouraging tourists to visit the place without any cash. Instead, they can pay Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies for all the services. 

Today, we will talk about the top places where you can visit and enjoy your tour without spending a single dollar. 

Top Crypto-Friendly Countries In The World 

Cryptocurrency is still an unknown territory that needs to be ventured into. Although we already know many things about Cryptocurrencies, experts say it’s just the tip of the iceberg. That means there is still much to know about Cryptocurrencies. 

Each country has its own regulation when it comes down to Cryptocurrencies. This is where you might get confused about the status of Cryptocurrencies. 

Before selecting a place to tour with only Cryptocurrencies, you need to have adequate information. This is where the  bitcoin era can help you out. It is a platform controlled by professionals and covers all the information you could possibly need on cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto-Friendly CountriesHaving said that, you might find it difficult to find the right places to visit with only Cryptocurrencies in your wallet. So, to make your search easy, we have listed a few places considered Cryptocurrency friendly. 

1. Portugal 

Talking about Crypto- friendly nations and not starting the list with Portugal is a major sin. Portugal is one of the top European countries that have created the perfect environment for Cryptocurrency to flourish. 

This is perhaps because of the fact that Portugal experienced hyperinflation in the early 1990s. This hyperinflation drove the country to near bankruptcy. This is why Portugal has shown their trust in Cryptocurrency so as not to experience the same. 

2. Switzerland 

Switzerland has a positive view of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. However, they do not see cryptocurrencies as a threat to fiat currencies. Instead, they look at it as a way to boost their nation’s economy.  

In fact, Switzerland has a 100% tax exemption on profits made from Cryptocurrencies. This encourages businesses to offer their services in exchange for Cryptocurrencies. 

3. Georgia 

Georgia is the hotbed of Crypto miners. It is home to most of the Miners present in the Cryptocurrency industry. The Georgian government looks at Cryptocurrencies as a form of property rather than a legal tender.  

Despite that, the government encourages citizens to take advantage of Blockchain technology. This is because they believe that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have the potential to bring prosperity to the nation. 

4. Canada 

Canada is yet another Crypto-Friendly country that has no restriction on the use of Cryptocurrencies whatsoever. A Cryptocurrency business can freely operate as long as they comply with all the rules and regulations. 

The freedom to use Cryptocurrencies in Canada encourages businesses to offer their services at the exchange of Cryptocurrencies. In Canada, there is nothing you can’t buy with Cryptocurrencies. 

5. The United States 

Although the list is short, we cannot end it without mentioning the United States. The United States has played an important role in popularizing Cryptocurrencies. In fact, you can even say that the United States is the country where the whole thing started. 

The United States is the first nation that allowed the regulation of Cryptocurrencies. Yes, different states might have different rules and regulations, but all in all, the United States is a Crypto-friendly place where you can exchange Cryptocurrencies for their services. 


In conclusion, there are many countries in the world that can be considered Crypto-Friendly. Now, when we talk about countries, it is possible that some of the places might not be as friendly as the other places.   Well, that is what to be expected! People are still unaware of what Cryptocurrencies are and what potential they hold. But, you still find some good restaurants, shopping malls, and other places that accept Cryptocurrencies for their services. 

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