Facing Fears – How Going to Camp Can Teach Kids Resilience

Wednesday 21st Feb 2024 |

Imagine a place where the air is filled with the sounds of laughter and the rustle of trees, where every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

This is the essence of going to camp, a rite of passage for many children that goes beyond just fun and games. It’s a unique environment where kids learn invaluable life skills, with resilience standing out as one of the most important.

The Challenge of New Experiences
Camp throws a myriad of new experiences at children. From the first night away from home to trying out activities they’ve never dreamed of, camp life is all about stepping out of their comfort zone. It’s these challenges, both big and small, that lay the groundwork for resilience. When kids overcome homesickness or master a new skill, they’re not just having fun—they’re learning that they can face challenges head-on.

Building Confidence One Step at a Time
Each new activity at camp, be it archery, swimming, or hiking, is a chance to conquer fears. Initially, these challenges can seem daunting to a child. However, with encouragement from camp leaders and peers, children learn to give these activities a go.


The sense of achievement after hitting the target or swimming a lap is immeasurable, boosting their confidence and teaching them that facing fears is not only possible but rewarding.

The Role of Teamwork
Camp is also about teamwork, where activities often require children to work together to achieve common goals. This collective effort teaches kids that sometimes, facing fears is a team sport. Whether it’s navigating a ropes course or setting up camp, these experiences show children the value of support and cooperation in overcoming obstacles.

The Thrill of Adventure
Adventure camps, like those offered by PGL Australia, embody this spirit of resilience-building through adventure. Nestled in the heart of Australia’s stunning landscapes, PGL camps offer children an array of activities designed to push their boundaries in a safe and supportive environment.

From kayaking through serene waters to conquering high ropes courses, each activity is an opportunity to face fears, build resilience, and create lasting memories.

Learning from Setbacks
Not every attempt ends in success, and that’s an important lesson camp teaches. When children try, fail, and try again, they learn resilience in the face of setbacks. Camp creates a safe space for failure, where the focus is on effort and growth rather than just winning or losing. This perspective helps children understand that setbacks are not the end but steps on the path to success.

The Impact of Resilience
The resilience children build at camp doesn’t just stay at camp; it follows them home and into the classroom. Resilient children are better equipped to handle academic challenges, social dynamics, and the inevitable ups and downs of life. They approach problems with a can-do attitude and are less likely to be overwhelmed by stress or adversity.

Carrying the Lessons Home
As parents, hearing about our children’s camp adventures can be both heartwarming and enlightening. It’s a joy to see the growth in their stories of triumph over fears and challenges.

Encouraging these camp experiences and acknowledging their achievements fosters an environment where resilience can continue to flourish.


As we wrap up, it’s plain to see that going to camp is about so much more than just a break from the routine. It’s a nurturing ground for resilience, where children learn through experience that they are capable, strong, and resilient.

Facing fears at camp teaches kids that they can confront challenges, overcome obstacles, and emerge stronger on the other side. It’s an invaluable lesson in resilience that they will carry with them long after the campfire’s last ember has faded.

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