Extreme Comfort: Find the 5 Best Wholesale Cushion Insert Suppliers in the UK 

Wednesday 28th Feb 2024 |

Cushions are integral components of home decor and comfort. They are essential elements in creating inviting seating arrangements and cozy atmospheres. However, the quality of these soft furnishings impacts our well-being. High-quality cushions offer superior comfort and also contribute to the overall durability of our furniture. This article mentions the best home furnishing cushions from the top five companies. These outdoor waterproof cushion covers are known for their exceptional cushion pads. Here we’ll offer insight into their materials and commitment to elevating the comfort of your living spaces. Their materials are certified by Sedex, BSCI, Oekotex, Ukas Management Systems, TSA Gold, GOTS, and ISO 9001:2015. 

High-Quality Hollowfibre Cushion Pads by The Towel Shop 

Cushion Pad


The Towel Shop offers high-quality hollow fiber outdoor Cushions waterproof Pads. The Hollowfibre Cushion Pads by The Towel Shop offer durability and affordability.  

Specification Details 
Size 16×16 inches 
Price £1.80 (INC. VTA), £1.50 (EXC. VTA) 
Weight 280 Grams 
Outer Material High quality corovin 
Filling Hollowfibre 

Size: These cushion pads have a standard size of 16×16 inches. They can fit into a wide range of cushion covers to meet diverse needs.   

Weight: These pads weight 280 grams and offer a lightweight feel without compromising on plushness.  

Outer Material: Crafted from high-quality corovin, the outer fabric ensures durability and longevity, withstanding regular use and washing.  

Filling: The cushion pads are filled with hollow fiber and bounce-back materials to offer lasting comfort and support.  

Supreme Comfort: The hollow fiber filling delivers a luxurious level of comfort. These pads provide the perfect balance of support and plushness.  

Quick and Easy Fit: With their precise 16×16 inch dimensions, they slide effortlessly into any compatible cover, saving you time and hassle.  

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality corovin material, these cushion pads are built to last. Their fabric withstands regular use and washing.    

Premium 100% Cotton Cover Bounce Back Cushion Pad by British Wholesales UK 


The choice of cushion pads plays a crucial role in enhancing comfort and style. Their Premium 100% Cotton Cover Bounce Back Cushion Pad offers luxury.    

Specification Details 
Size 20×20 Inches 
Price £5.04 (INC. VTA), £4.20 (EXC. VTA) 
Cover Material 100% Cotton 
Filling Bounce Back Ball Fibre 
Additional Features Removable and machine washable cover 
 Zipped cover for adding extra filling if needed 

Quality Cotton Cover: Their cushion pads use a 100% cotton cover to add a touch of luxury. These cushion covers offer softness and durability to ensure long-lasting performance.  

Zipped Cover for Adjustable Firmness: With a zipped cover, you can adjust the firmness of the cushion pads. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer feel, you can add or remove filling.  

Bounce-Back Ball Fibre Filling: The bounce-back ball fibre in these cushion pads offers excellent support. Outdoor waterproof cushion covers retain their shape and plumpness.    

Versatile Use: Their cushion pads are versatile to complement any space. The neutral design integrates with a variety of styles and colour schemes.  

Excellent Value: These waterproof outdoor cushion pads are available at an affordable price. They make luxurious comfort accessible to all. 

Absolute Home Textiles 


Absolute Home Textiles offer high-quality cushion pads. With their plush hollow fiber filling and versatile sizing, you can enjoy versatility.   

Luxurious Comfort: With high-quality hollow fiber filling and a finely crafted outer layer, these cushion pads offer luxurious comfort.    

Durability: These cushion pads maintain their shape and integrity over time.   

Easy Maintenance: The coronin outer layer and hollow fiber filling make these cushion pads easy to clean    

Versatile Applications: These cushion pads are suitable for a variety of decor styles and seating arrangements. They provide the perfect finishing touch to enhance comfort.  

Optimal Size and Weight: These cushion pads has a size of 16×16. They offer a perfect balance of support and loftiness.    

Specification Details 
Size 20×20 Inches 
Price £2.28 (INC. VTA), £1.90 (EXC. VTA) 
Cover Material 100% Cotton 
Filling Bounce Back Ball Fibre 
Additional Features Removable and machine washable cover 

Cushion Pads by Cosytowels 

The cushion pads from Cosytowels can elevate your comfort. These waterproof outdoor cushion pads are a versatile accessory for your home.   

Specification Details 
Size 20×20 Inches 
Price £18  
Cover Material Cotton 
Filling Duck Feather Filled 
Additional Features Removable and machine washable cover 

Luxurious Comfort: Their cushion pads are filled with a luxurious duck down and feather mix. These cushion pads provide softness and comfort to enhance your relaxation.  

High-Quality Construction: The waterproof cushion pad has high-quality materials to ensure durability. 

Versatile Size and Design: With dimensions of 51cm x 51cm, the cushion offer decor styles.  

Enhanced Comfort and Style: This cushion pad enhances comfort and aesthetic appeal.   

White Polyester Cushion Pad by Next   


Next offers a White Polyester Cushion Pad to enhance comfort and style. Their cushions provide plush support for your cushions. their cushion pad is crafted with quality materials to offer multiple sizes.    

Specification Details 
Size 43×43 cm, 50×30 cm, 50×50 cm, 59×59 cm, 60×40 cm    
Price £50  
Cover Material 100% Recycled Polyester 
Filling Duck Feather Filled 
Additional Features Removable and machine washable cover 

Plush Support: Their outdoor cushions waterproof pads are made from 100% recycled polyester. The cushion pads comfortable support for your outdoor waterproof cushion covers.   

Versatile Sizes: With a variety of sizes available, you can easily find the perfect fit for your cushion covers.  

Durable Construction: Their cushion pads are designed to maintain their shape and support over time. They provide long-lasting comfort.   

Easy Care: The white polyester material is easy to maintain.    

Customer Feedback: With an impressive rating, customers have praised this cushion pad for its ability to hold shape well, its correct sizing, and its overall quality and value for money.  


Cushions are not merely decorative accents but essential elements in creating comfortable living spaces. As we prioritize comfort and quality in our homes, selecting the right waterproof cushion pads becomes paramount. Several companies stand out for their commitment to excellence in crafting outdoor cushion waterproof pads. Among them, companies like The Towel Shop, British Wholesales UK, Absolute Home Textiles, Cosytowels, and Next have consistently impressed with their superior materials. Whether you are seeking luxurious pads, high-quality hollow fiber options, or eco-friendly polyester choices, these top companies offer a diverse range to suit every preference and budget.