types of diamond cuts 

Exploring the Most Popular Types of Diamond Cuts 

Sunday 24th Mar 2024 |

Diamonds are special and beautiful. People love them for many reasons. One important thing about diamonds is their shape. This shape is called a “cut”. 

There are many types of diamond cuts. Each one has its own unique look. Some cuts make the diamond shine more. Others make the diamond look bigger. 

When choosing a diamond, knowing about these cuts is very important. It helps you find the one that you like best. In this guide, we will explore the most popular types of diamond cuts. You will learn what makes each one special. 

Types of Diamond Cuts 

Round Brilliant Cut – The Timeless Classic 

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape. It has 58 facets that sparkle and shine more than any other cut. This makes it perfect for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. 

People love the round brilliant because it looks elegant and classic. It looks great in all types of jewelry, like rings and necklaces. This cut has been popular for centuries and never goes out of style. 

Its design makes the diamond look very bright. The round brilliant cut hides flaws well. Plus, its beauty is unmatched, making it a favourite for many. 

Princess Cut – A Trendy Favorite 

The princess cut is a favourite for its modern look. It is known for its square shape with sharp, uncut corners that make it stand out. This cut is second in popularity, right after the round brilliant. 

It shines bright because of its unique cutting style. Many people choose this cut for engagement rings because it looks both elegant and trendy. The princess cut also uses most of the rough diamond, which means less waste. 

The cut looks perfect in both simple and fancy jewellery settings. It can make any piece of jewellery look more modern. 

Emerald Cut – The Art Deco Beauty 

The emerald cut is known for its long, elegant lines. It has a rectangular shape with trimmed corners. This cut’s beauty is in its simplicity and clarity. 

Its design came from the Art Deco movement. This makes it perfect for those who love vintage style. The emerald cut doesn’t just look classy; it also makes diamonds appear larger. 

Because of its large, open facets, this cut shows off the diamond’s pure colour. It requires a high-quality diamond, as flaws are more visible. Choosing an emerald cut means choosing timeless elegance. 

Types of Diamond Cuts 

Cushion Cut – Vintage Romance 

The cushion cut is known for its soft corners and romantic feel. It looks like a pillow, which is where it gets its name. This cut has been loved for over 200 years, making it a timeless choice. 

Its rounded edges make the diamond look gentle and elegant. The cushion cut is perfect for those who love vintage style. It blends well with both modern and classic designs. 

This cut is also famous for its brilliant sparkles. The cushion cut captures light in a way that highlights its colour and clarity. It’s a favourite for engagement rings because it symbolizes lasting love. 

Oval-Cut – The Elongated Elegance 

The oval cut is a beautiful choice for its elongated shape. It makes fingers look longer and slimmer. This cut is perfect for those who like unique styles. 

Its design is both classic and modern. An oval diamond shines brightly, showing off its colours. People choose it for its elegant and sophisticated look. 

This cut has been popular for many years. It stands out in engagement rings and other jewellery. The oval cut is a mix of brilliance and charm, making it a favourite. 

Marquise-Cut – The Regal Brilliance 

The marquise cut is all about elegance and sophistication. Its long, narrow shape looks like a boat, giving it a unique look. This cut is very shiny, making the diamond stand out. 

People love the marquise cut because it makes their fingers look long and graceful. It has a royal vibe, making it perfect for those who love a touch of luxury. The marquise cut uses light well, giving it amazing sparkles. 

Choosing a marquise cut means choosing something special. It’s not as common, so it stands out more. This cut is perfect for someone who wants their jewellery to be beautiful and unique. 

Solitaire Cut – Simplicity at its Finest 

The solitaire cut is all about simplicity and elegance. It features a single diamond on the band, making it truly stand out. The cut is perfect for solitaire engagement rings, showcasing the beauty of a single stone. 

People choose solitaire cuts for their classic look. This cut highlights the diamond’s natural beauty without distraction. It’s great for someone who loves simple, timeless styles. 

Solitaire-cut diamond rings are popular with proposals. They symbolize a strong, focused love. The solitaire cut makes any diamond look stunning and elegant. 

Asscher Cut – The Geometric Elegance 

The Asscher cut is unique and striking, known for its geometric look. It has a square shape with deeply trimmed corners, resembling a blend between the emerald and princess cuts. The design features large step facets and a high crown, enhancing the diamond’s depth and sparkle. 

This cut became popular in the early 20th century, and it has a vintage charm. Because of its detailed faceting, it shows off the clarity of the diamond very well. However, this means it’s important to choose a high-quality stone, as imperfections are more visible. 

The Asscher cut is perfect for those who appreciate the Art Deco style and want something different. Its architectural design makes it stand out in engagement rings and jewelry. 

A Closer Look Into the Top Types of Diamond Cuts 

The types of diamond cuts discussed, from the timeless elegance of the round brilliant to the unique geometry of the Asscher cut, offer diverse choices for every taste and occasion. Each cut showcases its own distinct beauty, brilliance, and charm. 

Whether seeking the classic allure of a solitaire or the intricate detail of a marquise, understanding these types of diamond cuts can guide you to the perfect gem that resonates with personal style and encapsulates the essence of singular moments. 

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