Experts Reveal 7 Bizarre Tricks for Keeping Cool This Summer 

Sunday 19th May 2024 |
  1. Use a hot water bottle to cool you down

Surprising, isn’t it? Rather than the usual practice of filling a hot water bottle with hot water to stay warm during winter, you can fill it with cold water for a refreshing coolness throughout the night. 

But here’s a word of caution: many suggest partially filling the hot water bottle and placing it in the freezer until bedtime. However, this can damage the rubber seal and potentially cause leaks. Instead, we recommend filling your hot water bottle with a handful of ice cubes from your freezer. 

Your cold (hot) water bottle will become your ideal companion during a heatwave as you try to drift off to sleep. If your bottle doesn’t already have a cover, we suggest wrapping it in a towel to prevent excessive exposure to the cold. 

Keeping Cool
  1. Try popping your bedsheets in the freezer

Although this may seem a ridiculous notion, people have already reported that it works well to keep cool, as long as you don’t mind making your bed every night. 

All you have to do is put your bed sheets in the freezer, preferably in a resealable plastic bag to prevent them getting wet or coming into contact with any food you have in there. Only a couple of minutes is needed to elicit that cool sheet feeling you’re striving for.

  1. Keep your bedroom curtains or blinds closed throughout the day

Despite its simplicity, this option is often overlooked by many. Simply closing your curtains and blinds during the day when the sun reaches your windows can prevent your rooms from overheating. Then, in the evening, you can open them back up. This allows the cooler temperatures of the night to enter your space and refresh your bedroom just before bedtime.

  1. Open the loft hatch 

Heat rises so by opening your loft hatch during high temperatures, you’re allowing cooler air to circulate throughout your space. This can help cool down your bedroom and in turn, help you drift off quicker and easier. 

  1. Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan

The theory behind this keeping cool at night suggestion is very simple. The ice absorbs excess heat as it melts. And so, blowing warm air across the bowl of ice with your fan allows the air being circulated to cool as the ice melts. 

And in principle, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work. That said, there are limitations to how effective this method will be. The warmer the bedroom you are trying to cool is, the faster the ice will melt. And thus the less effective this solution will prove. 

Keeping Cool

Another factor that will affect its effectiveness is the size of your room. The bigger the room, the less effective the cooling of the fan and ice method will be. 

  1. Experiment with wet towels 

This is a great way to cool your home down both at night and during the day. Start by soaking your towels in cold water and then ring them out really well to avoid drippage. Hang over your curtain rails and the temperature indoors will soon drop. This hack works better during the day but will also prove to be effective at night. 

It’s worth mentioning that lighter towels work better than darker coloured ones. Lighter absorbs less heat so will stay cool for longer.

  1. Banish your partner to another bedroom

People naturally give off heat as they sleep and sharing a bed means sharing additional body heat. With that in mind, sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms will help to keep you cool at night. Not everyone has the luxury of a spare bedroom but if you do, we’d recommend trying this one out. 

For more expert advice on keeping cool at night, visit the Bensons for Beds Sleep Hub.

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