Expert warns on the dangers of using glue on your hair

Wednesday 17th Feb 2021 |

With the UK in the middle of a national lockdown and the ongoing closure of the hair and beauty industry, people are desperately searching for new and inventive ways to style and maintain their locks.

However, one Tik Tok’er who took her experimenting to the next level was Jessica Brown, who used Gorilla Glue to keep her hair in place after running out of setting spray and consequently ended up undergoing surgery to remove it.

Despite her ordeal, salon-owner Eric Vaughn reacted to the influencer by posting a video on Tik Tok revealing how he regularly uses the industrial-strength glue to secure his client’s hair extensions.

Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona also revealed recently that she is losing her hair due to years of glueing in her hair extensions. 

Here, Nicole Petty at Milk + Blush warns against the dangers of using glue on your hair and offers her expert advice on how you can care for and maintain your hair extensions during the lockdown.

The Dangers of using glue on your hair

While many may be resorting to acts of desperation to maintain their hair extensions after months away from the hairdressers, using glue on your hair is never a good idea for several reasons.

Firstly, the glue can cause irreparable damage to the scalp, as it can block your scalp pores, damage your hair follicles and burn/dry out the hair. 

But that’s not the only danger, as the glue which is commonly used to bond artificial hair contains high concentrations of soluble latex antigen. While latex is present in many different household items, the repeated exposure to it has been known to sensitise people, resulting in allergic reactions and in some cases, anaphylactic shock.

Another indirect danger of having weaves or extensions glued to your hairline is hair thinning. While using glue to secure your hair may produce the desired aesthetic of long, thick and nourished locks, you could be faced with similar consequences later in life.

Consider clip-in hair extensions as an alternative. By investing in some clip-ins you’ll be eliminating the risks associated with hair glues, but still get the desired results.

Wondering how to care for your extensions during the lockdown? Here are some helpful tips:

Brush your hair extensions regularly

It’s really important to brush your extensions regularly to keep them looking and feeling smooth. But, it’s vital to remember to never brush from the top of the weft next to the clips.

Not only can this damage the connection of the hair and clips but all it will do is push the tangles down the length of your extensions, where they will tighten into knots along the way.

Instead, start by softly brushing a section at a time starting from the tips in a downwards motion, gradually working your way to the top of your hair. This takes the pressure off the clips and keeps them tight. 

Use a daily cleanser

Hair extensions need different care to your natural hair, so it’s always worth checking if its recommended to wash your specific extensions or not. At Milk + Blush, we advise against washing our wefts because if it’s done incorrectly, you can end up causing more harm than good.

The Dangers of using glue on your hair

Instead, we recommend you use RemySoft Daily Refresher. This spritz coats the hair in silicone which replenishes them in a similar way to how your natural hair oils soften your hair.

However, if you do decide to wash them, remember unlike your natural hair they don’t need to be washed regularly. When shampooing, don’t scrunch and scrub at the roots, rinse the lather out thoroughly and always rinse with cold water at the end to lock in the moisture.

Leave them to air dry

Air drying is the best solution to dry your extensions. Be sure to invest in a micro-fibre towel as it will remove excess water faster. Lay out all of the wefts on a flat surface and gently pat the excess moisture from the hair.

Store them correctly

It’s vital to get into a good habit of storing your extensions correctly when not in use. Ensure all clips are closed and give them a final brush before putting them away.

Always make sure you store your extensions in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and that they are completely dry when you put them away. This will prevent any nasty mould or bacteria from growing.

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