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Sunday 05th Sep 2021 |

With the summer holidays coming to an end, returning to work or school can feel a real drag and after having all the time you need to perfectly style your hair, it can feel difficult to jump back into hectic morning routines.

Luckily, Haircare Expert Nicole Petty of Milk + Blush has put together a list of the best TikTok hair hacks and some extra tips for a quick and easy morning routine.

TikTok hair hacks – #1 Shoelace for your afro

For the perfect high puff without the pain, try using shoelace to tie your natural hair like this viral TikTok.

Using shoelace is less likely to slip than a silk scarf and gives you more control over how tight to tie your hair compared to a hairband, reducing your chance of developing a painful headache throughout the day.

Quick, effective, and most importantly stunning, we love this hack for speeding up your morning.

Tip: Hide any excess shoelace by tucking it underneath – your hair will be able cover the rest!

TikTok hair hacks – #2 Bathrobe overnight curls

If you value your beauty sleep, overnight curls are the perfect solution for a quick, damage-free way of achieving voluminous curls without the effort of styling in the morning.

While traditional rollers aren’t always reliable for the perfect curl – nor are they comfortable to sleep in – bathrobe curls have taken TikTok by storm after one user posted a video last year demonstrating how to achieve perfect waves with just your dressing gown robe.

Tip: Remember, the thicker your bathrobe, the thicker your curls. For short or thin hair, look for something thinner to create a similar effect.

TikTok hair hacks – #4 Curly girl moisture boost

Naturally curly hair tends to be noticeably drier than other hair types, often resulting in frizziness and breakage.

Thankfully, this Tiktok hack will not only reduce frizz and make it easier to style your hair, but you’ll also hydrate your hair for longer, leaving your hair softer and shinier.

Simply mix a little conditioner and water in a spray bottle, giving your ends and mid-lengths a good spritz.

Tip: Sleep on a satin pillowcase to retain moisture in your locks.

TikTok hair hacks – #5 The instant no-tie bun

But for those with ultra-long tresses, this under 10-seconds topknot tip is a game-changer. And it’s 100% tool-free, so no more scrambling for hairbands or bobby pins in the morning.

The hack has been viewed more than 10 million times, so if you haven’t tried it already, now’s your chance.

Tip: To help keep your bun in check throughout the day, just throw a couple of bobby pins to ensure your hair stays in place.

TikTok hair hacks – #6 Dry shampoo the right way

If you side with the many celebrities who don’t shower every day this might be the perfect hack for you.

Everyone knows dry shampoo is a quick way to soak up excess oil without washing your hair, but did you know you’ve probably been using dry shampoo all wrong?

As one TikToker reveals, you should be blow-drying dry shampoo into your hair to avoid the dreaded white powder look. A quick blast with a hairdryer will help distribute dry shampoo through to mid-lengths of your hair, preventing the product from clumping together.

Tip:  Apply dry shampoo in the evening before going to bed. Your hair produces the most oil overnight, so this will help you wake up with fresh, non-greasy hair.

Tip:  Avoid doing this every night to avoid drying out your scalp, which needs oils to keep it healthy.

TikTok hair hacks – #7 Quick and easy half-updos

Another speedy hairstyle you can try is the instant half-up half-down look with just a hair claw. Simply guide the teeth of the hair claw along your parting to pick up hair and secure it in place at the back of your head. 

This stitched video proves this hack works for both longer and mid-length hair. But, as many commenters point out, you may want to give this hack a miss if you have curly hair as it can cause tangles.

Tip: A similar style that’s just as quick and easy is to tie the face-framing section of your hair under your chin with a small elastic, then simply flip it behind your hair for a cute and elegant nod to the half updo.
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