Online Bingo

Everything to Know About Online Bingo

Tuesday 21st Nov 2023 |

Looking for a new hobby or a way to kill a few hours during your daily commute? Online Bingo could be a great solution. Online bingo in the UK has around 3.5 million registered users and that popularity could grow alongside the rising number of online game players across the globe. 

It’s estimated that there are around 1.1 billion online gamers around the world and if you’re one of these gamers looking for a new way to play, then our guide below offers the information you need to understand online bingo, how it works online and the different types that are available.

What is bingo? 

Bingo is a classic that many people will have played at some time in their lives. Typically, you start the game with a ticket that has 27 spaces arranged in nine by three columns and within these spaces, you’ll get 15 numbers from one to 75. 

The host of the game will then draw numbers at random and your goal is to get all the numbers on a row or the entire ticket. The latter ends the game and you’ll be crowned champion of the game and receive the largest prize available. 

How does online bingo work?

Online bingo follows similar principles to regular bingo but over the internet. You can play online bingo on your mobile phone, PC, or tablet, which makes it accessible wherever you are and whenever you want to play it.

The key difference between online bingo and regular bingo is that there is no number caller and instead, a random number generator is used. This makes the game more fair and there’s no chance of human bias playing a part in the round. What’s more, online bingo platforms often mark your numbers for you, so you won’t have to worry about missing any numbers along the way. 

If you need any help while you play, then a live chatbot is usually available for you to ask any questions you have. However, we hope this shouldn’t be necessary and you should get used to the digital format of bingo after a game or two.

What are the different types of bingo?

Traditional bingo isn’t the only option you have when playing online, which means you can try various formats of the game and find the most exhilarating one for you. Some of the most popular options available include the following:

  • 75-ball bingo – the most common version
  • 90-ball bingo – for longer games
  • 30-ball bingo – for shorter games
  • Bingo Billions – a modern twist on the game that’s a cross between bingo and a slot machine

Now you know everything about online bingo, why not give it a go yourself?