Evening Primrose Oil for Winter Skin

Wednesday 04th Nov 2020 |

As the weather changes and becomes gradually harsher and cooler, our skin can suffer. Skin likes consistency, but chillier temperatures can draw moisture away, removing the skin’s natural protective barrier and leaving it exposed. Combine this with the drying effects of central heating and your skin may not be looking or feeling at its best.

We all know that a healthy, balanced diet, lots of water and early nights will help to keep skin looking at it’s best. But sometimes the elements and today’s busy lifestyles simply get in the way, so we’re here to tell you that help is at hand.

When the winter months arrive, try a little extra support by trying Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil. Efamol Evening Primrose Oil is the only Evening Primrose Oil proven to help support beautifully smooth and nourished looking skin. For over 40 years the Efamol brand has consistently invested in research that furthers understanding of Essential Fatty Acids.

Here are our top winter skincare tips:

1.     Stay hydrated

When skin becomes drier in the winter months, it’s essential to stay hydrated. If you don’t fancy reaching for an ice-cold glass of water remember that caffeinated drinks can have the reverse effect and be dehydrating so try a herbal tea or tea with water and lemon.

2.     Use an SPF

Even in the winter months it’s important to use a broad spectrum SPF on your skin. UVB levels are lower in the winter months, but UVCA, which affects the elastin in the skin is still present. This is what leads to wrinkles and skin-induced skin ageing so make sure you get a good quality, highly rated SPF. 

3.     Five or more a day

It’s important to eat at least five portions of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables every day as well as a good portion of protein and healthy fats from oily fish and nuts. This will help to keep skin healthy with important nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, biotin and zinc.

4.     Stay stress free

Stress is not good for the skin as it can lead to premature appearing of ageing so prioritise looking after your skin this winter. Try yoga or meditation to help stay calm and stress-free.

Efamol has been producing its unique premium evening primrose oil for over 40 years and contains an oil extracted from a specific type of Evening Primrose Plant seed called Rigel. Rigel seeds are specially cultivated and contain up to 33% more GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid than other types of Evening Primrose plant seeds.

Efamol carefully manages each step of its unique oil extraction process to ensure that the oil stays in the same form as in the seed, thus retaining its natural properties. Try Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil with Vitamin E to boost your daily skincare regime ahead of the summer months. 

Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil comes in two sized capsules – 500mg (£11.99 for 90) and 1000mg (£9.99 for 30) – and is available from Amazon, Boots the Chemists, health food stores and independent pharmacies and at www.efamol.com.

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