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Essential Tips For UK Residents to Choose The Right Glazier and Avoid Costly Scams

Friday 01st Dec 2023 |

Broken or damaged glass can be quite inconvenient, no matter what the cause. They demand immediate attention and repair to keep your home and loved ones safe. However, after coming across all the news on the latest scams in the glazing industry in the UK, if you are confused about which glazier to reach out to in case of need, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will explore 8 essential tips for choosing the right glazier to save yourself from costly scams and call for an emergency glazier service in case of any mishaps.

The Right Way to Hire a Reliable Glazing Expert: 8 Tips to Follow 

1. Online presence

See if the glazier has an online presence by searching for their website or social media accounts. In this world, where everything is getting digitalised, an absence of online presence isn’t taken as a good sign and indirectly indicates the possibility of a scam. A reputed glazier will definitely invest in an updated website for their potential customers to reach out to them.

Their website can tell a lot about their story, services, work process, clients, location and contact details. Nowadays, even a small bakery shop tries to maintain its social media presence by regularly posting about its products and services and interacting with its followers. So why not the glaziers?

2. Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews help you to understand the quality of service provided by the glazier to UK people who have been in your shoes. Try to find reviews on Google and other trusted websites like Trustpilot or Yelp. Then, analyse those reviews to find out how people benefited by choosing that glazier and if they would recommend others to take their services.

Check if the glazier has provided anyone with emergency glazing services, and if so, how was their experience? Also, see if someone had a bad experience with the glazier and what went wrong with them.

3. Hands-on experience

You will definitely not want someone to do your glazing service if they haven’t ever handled the type of window or door your house has. Only a glazier with vast experience working with a variety of windows and doors would know how to perform glazing or repair for a tricky object because each one comes with its own set of challenges. They try to understand the material and object type first before proceeding to work.

Hiring someone inexperienced for repair and installation can cost you more money as the glazier will take more time to work and sort out things. They might even damage a thing or two while learning to work. So, ask them beforehand if they have experience dealing with the type of windows and doors your house has.

4. Professional training

Handling glass isn’t a joke. Professional training allows glaziers to work with precision. They know exactly how to cut and polish a glass of a certain shape and size. 

Professionally trained glaziers in the UK follow all the safety guidelines before, during and after the work so that no one gets harmed in the process. A scammer would know nothing about the process. Make sure to ask for their licence and certification of training to verify their authenticity. 

5. Latest work

A trustworthy glazier company would never shy away or hesitate from showing their portfolio of previous work or talking about their clients. They will even be open about what didn’t work out with any of their previous clients. A scammer company would never be able to show or talk about their work freely due to the fear of getting caught. 

This will also give you an insight into how updated they are with the latest trends and techniques because what worked years back may not work today. See if you can find glazing work that resonates with your needs.

6. Pricing structure

Reliable glazier companies are always transparent about their charges. They don’t hide anything behind any service down the line. They offer free quotes and consultation before you book a service or pay a penny, but a scammer will always be in a hurry to take money, even before the work starts. 

The actual glazing cost may vary depending upon the extent of damage, type of window or door, and materials needed for repair or replacement. You can search for local glazing services online and ask for quotes from multiple companies before choosing the right fit for yourself. Make sure to ask for the charges of emergency glass repair to know if they are charged extra.

7. Product guarantee and insurance

A guarantee and insurance are very important when it comes to glazing services. Look for a company that offers guaranteed products because this shows that the company is genuine and has faith in its products.

Ask if the company provides liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to protect its workers and customers from unforeseen accidents.

8. Emergency services

You should always look for companies that can provide 24-hour emergency glaziers. What is the use if they are not available in case of a sudden accident that leaves the glass shattered? Every minute counts when you face an emergency. 

Do not compromise the security of your home, and keep a list of all the potential glaziers near your area. Contact the glaziers even if you find a small crack or chip in the glass to prevent the issue from escalating further into a big problem. 

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We are confident that these tips will help you choose the right glazier and prevent you from getting into the trap of scammers who drain your hard-earned money. Moreover, if you are in search of reliable and standard glazier services in the UK, you can contact All Glazing UKfor all your glazing needs. 

They are highly rated local glaciers that provide services at an affordable cost and have an experience of 50 years of providing glazing services.