Sunday 16th Aug 2020 |

Natural and refreshing new aperitif El Bandarra Al Fresco brings the Barcelona way of life to the UK 

Whether it’s the sun, sea or beautiful sites, Barcelona is a ‘must see’ city for anyone at least once in their lifetime. But now, millions of Britons can sit back, relax and enjoy the city’s lifestyle without having to pack a bag! The vibrant style and fabled culture of this enchanting seaside city has been bottled in the form a new aperitif, El Bandarra Al Fresco. Enjoy!   

El Bandarra Al Fresco is the aperitif from Barcelona. Natural, refreshing and cherry red in colour, it’s made with quality local wines and natural Mediterranean botanicals. It’s the perfect sundowner to enjoy with friends, and you’ll be swapping ‘cheers’ for ‘salud’ in no time!  

Those of you who are looking for an easy-going way of life, much like the Spanish, will find Al Fresco is your answer. Forget online sommelier courses (boring), virtual cocktail classes (yawn-fest) or worse yet, spending more time ‘talking’ grapes than ‘sipping ‘on their sweet, sweet nectar (hang your head in shame).

Simply mix one-part Al Fresco with two parts tonic water over ice, and garnish with orange. Imagine all of the time you’ve wasted… It’s a refreshing and natural aperitif, perfect to enjoy with friends either at home or outdoors and with a slightly lower ABV than most other long drinks, you can keep the sundowners flowing for longer. So pull up a chair, break out the olives and pour yourself a glass of Al Fresco, just like they do in Barcelona.   

El Bandarra Al Fresco is the creation of the Virgili Bros (twin brothers Alex and Albert Virgili), whose winery nestled in Barcelona has been producing renowned wines (and hosting legendary parties) for three generations. The dynamic duo is on a mission to challenge the uptight nature of the drinks business, by creating original and enjoyable concepts, such as its successful El Bandarra Vermut range (red, white and rosé).  

El Bandarra founder Alex Virgili, says “Al Fresco is living proof there is more to the city than Gaudi and Lionel Messi (of course, they’re great too). This natural and refreshing aperitif sums up all of Barcelona’s best bits: the sunshine, the long days, the laid-back lifestyle and the eclectic mix of tradition and modernity. So, if you can’t make it to Barcelona this year don’t worry, we’re bringing it to you. Enjoy!” 

El Bandarra Al Fresco is available for purchase at masterofmalt.com Standard 1 Litre bottle (14 serves) RRP £20.95 To stay up to date with all things El Bandarra, from exciting new launches to exclusive competitions and giveaways (everyone loves a freebie), please visit the El Bandarra website or Instagram page.

Better still, if you’d like to purchase a bottle of Al Fresco so you can be the coolest person in your friendship circle (oh please, like you’re not already), then head over to masterofmalt.com

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