Date Night at The Light Leeds

Tuesday 02nd Jul 2024 |

A lot of fun and a little bit of fancy…

The bustling city of Leeds is home to infamous art galleries, museums, luxury hotels, pretty little boutiques and a nightlife you’ll be sure to relish. It’s a busy and vibrant city bursting with cultural energy that’s easily accessible by bus, train or car.

There’s ample to explore among the blend of Victorian and modern architecture and for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre, there’s the Leeds canal walk offering a quieter and picturesque stroll. 

Along the Headrow standing as a beacon is The Light Leeds. The light has been around since 1930’s, but as the city diversifies, so does the Light. It has moved with the times of the city and houses some of the best and most current restaurants and bars.

A Lot Of Fun…

One of the newest additions to The Light is Carousel Bar. A large and inviting space, comprising vibrant lighting, eclectic wall art and various neon signage. Ample deep red and chestnut leather booths are situated (you guessed it) in Carousel form, with further seating throughout the floor.

Date Night in Leeds

Friendly staff are waiting with a smile behind the well stocked unsparing sized bar that illuminates the room. A well thought design to Carousel bar – No waiting around or queueing for your boujee beverages.

They have an extensive range of drinks ranging from fancy cocktails, sparkling wines and spirits to popular  largers and lesser-known IPA’s. A special menu aside is the “Sober Club Menu” with your low and no alcohol and creative mocktails. 

Neon lights guide the way past the bar and uncover the ultimate games room. A dimly lit room featuring modern music and vibrant lighting in each sector. Funky artwork and signage are strategically placed throughout the room.

Date Night in Leeds

Carousel Bar caters for all niches here, from retro gaming stations to current and interactive consoles. Featured inside the games room was:

  • Interactive Darts, with every form of dart game imaginable
  • Basketball games
  • Driving range games
  • Shuffleboard
  • Air hockey 
  • Football shoot outs
  • Old school dance platforms
  • Kissing booths
  • Shooting games with real decommissioned guns 

A real playground for adults all while enjoying a drink! It’s a win win for any date.

It’s an ice breaker, a welcome distraction from the daily grind, a be young, fun and laugh together kind of place.

You leave feeling all sorts of happy…

A Little Bit Fancy…

We had definitely worked up an appetite after all the competitiveness and so ventured to the ground floor of The Light where we were booked in for our evening meal at Estabulo.

From stepping in we are immediately transferred to southern Brazil with dim lighting, decadent floral walls and bright greenery sweeping the ceilings.

We are taken to our table by our smiling host, passing the brightly lit bar offering traditional Brazillian beverages further immersing you in the Southern American culture. Walking through to the main restaurant we observe abstract floor tiling, yet more beautiful floral decor and relaxed music. It’s a vibe!

Date Night in Leeds

Our table is a spacious yet intimate setting, a candlelight as centrepiece sets the scene for an ambient dining experience. Large wine glasses and side plates paired with tongs are placed, together with a reversible coaster. We are asked for our drinks order and advised on the “Estabulo way” of the restaurant.

The coasters on our table represent a traffic light system. One side green, and the other red, the green signifies I’m ready for Meaty goodness… The red signifies, I’m not quite ready for more, just yet. But don’t fear, they will soon be back around with further fresh and seasoned meats for your picking.

Estabulo is a quirky Brazilian restaurant offering delicious and flavoursome handpicked cuts of meat. The distinction here is the way they cook their meats. In honouring the Gaúcho’s traditional method of cooking, they slowly cook the best cuts on open flames, capturing the authentic flavour. 

The meat is then served on tall skewers fresh from the grill and direct to your table, by friendly staff keeping an eye on the colour of the coasters.

Meats On Offer

8 cuts of tender, seasoned juicy beef steak

3 pork options

3 varieties of chicken

And a Tender cut of lamb

Other extras served on tall skewers and fresh from the grill include sweet and spicy Pineapple cinnamon, crunchy Garlic bread and deliciously tangy Halloumi.

Accompanying the endless supply of delicious meats is a salad bar, however, this is not your average salad bar, let me tell you, you are spoilt for choice!

Presented beautifully, among pineapple decor, in keeping with the Brazilian way is a self serving station housing an array of cold sides, featuring salami’s, cheeses, crunchy bread rolls, creamy coleslaws and stuffed red peppers. Generous offerings of rice and pasta dishes, green salads and potato salads are also available for selection.

Hot dishes available for self serve are seasoned roasted potatoes, creamy garlic mushrooms, tasty succulent stew and fresh veggies. There isn’t a side Estabulo haven’t thought of here.

The beauty of this restaurant is you can eat as much or as little as you like. With such a vast selection of meats you can try something a little bit different or load up on your favourite cut. Estabulo is definitely a place for the meat lovers! Leave it on green and see for yourself – I dare you!

Date Night in Leeds

If you can manage it, Estabulo offer an expansive range of puddings should you need your sweet fix! With berry based crumbles, chocolate cheesecakes, toffee puddings and a selection of sorbets and ice creams, you are once again spoilt for choice.

The light is the ideal venue for any date night, mate date or spontaneous outing offering an array of fresh and fun idea’s for your date.

Words By Hannah Parnaby

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