Dash Covent Garden

Tuesday 21st Jul 2020 |

At a time when all restaurants, bars, pubs and fast food spots were closing their doors, this one found a new lease of life. DASH Covent Garden, a vegetarian and vegan healthy fast food spot, were set to open their doors to the public in a coveted Covent Garden location when Covid-19 set new rules and regulations into place.

Poised to have heavy footfall coming from tourists, and Londoners alike, DASH Covent Garden was in the prime place, but everything had to change, and very quickly.

After shutting the business for a few weeks, Tommy Mizen, the owner and creator of the recipes for the food on DASH’s menu, had a moment of inspiration. 

“Why close our doors completely, when we could adjust to the times, and be one of the first places to pioneer a new type of customer experience?”

Tommy spoke to us openly about the changes he made to the restaurant. 

dash Covent Garden

With the menu already created, the kitchen and barista staff ready to come back to work and interior all done, the only change needed was how the customers would interact with the storefront. Tommy decided, after the large investment he had put into the location, that in order to turn things around, he would need to employ a contact-free order and pickup system to make customers more comfortable and to keep health and safety at the forefront of everything. 

Tommy and his team tore out the newly fitted windows from the front of the store and replaced them with counter space and pocket windows that open to allow for ordering from outside of the store. Customers can safely order and pick-up from the counter without having to set food in the physical location. 

“We are hoping that the change we’ve made will make people feel more comfortable grabbing food on the go, and that this refurbishment can inspire other businesses to make the change to altering their exteriors to fit the new normal.” 

dash Covent Garden

DASH’s menu includes a variety of breakfast, brunch and lunch options like the Beyond Meat burger which has a tangy red onion chutney with smokey “bacon” rashers, mustard, mayo, cheese on a fluffy bun or the supreme vegan bowl with grilled tempeh, green lentils, roasted cauliflower, flaked almonds, mixed herbs, sauerkraut, sprouts, mixed leaves, carrots and a ginger vinaigrette. Everything is packed with vegetables to make sure you are also getting some health benefits on the go.

Not only can you grab some food, but also get your caffeine fix with a range of coffees and teas, or a fruity energy boost with the range of smoothies. Pop by the DASH Covent Garden location and get your food fix while exploring one of London’s most popular areas.

DASH Covent Garden is open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 3pm. 

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