Culinary Gift Sets With Kelly Loves

Sunday 10th Mar 2024 |

Treat your loved ones to a Japanese or Korean experience with Kelly Loves selection of culinary gift sets.

Stand out from the crowd and gift a ‘wow’ moment to your loved ones thanks to our range of authentic Sushi kits and Korean meal boxes, beautifully packaged in a gift box, so there’s no need to even wrap it.

Gift them something special and unique. We’ve curated the very best meals, snacks and drinks from Korea and hand selected culinary gift sets so now you can taste truly authentic flavours from Korea from the comfort of your home.

Korean Variety Selection Box

Get the best of Korean cuisine in one beautifully presented box! Our Variety Box is packed with the flavour, snacks, meals & drinks that will make you feel like you’re in the streets of Seoul. Gift yourself or a friend this Korean delight for an unforgettable experience!

Culinary Gift

Korean Vegan Selection Box

Get the best of Korean cuisine without compromising your values with our Korean Vegan Selection! Our Korean Vegan Box includes all the delicious flavors and dishes you love, all plant-based and cruelty-free. Satisfy your cravings guilt-free!

Culinary Gift

Sushi Start Kit

If you’re a newbie to sushi rolling or you need a smaller gift, this is for you. This great value kit is straightforward, so you’ll be rolling sushi with your eyes shut in no time (but we’d advise you to keep them open!). If you’ve bought a sushi kit before, you can select this without the rolling mat, to restock your essentials, like spicy mayo (a delicious dipping sauce!)

Culinary Gift

Ultimate Sushi Kit

Your Ultimate Sushi Kit has all you need for rolling sushi for everyday lunches or a fun family and friends sushi night. It’s also a high-quality, yet affordable sushi gift set. All of the ingredients are the same as used in our Sushi Daily kiosks (just add your choice of fresh fish or veg and some soy sauce).

Super Matcha Tea Kit

100% organic, unsweetened ceremonial grade matcha sourced from Korea’s renowned tea
region, Boseong, comes with the classic tea tools.

To prepare delicious matcha, start by placing approximately 1 portion (1.5~2g) of powder into a Chawan. Add 20 ml of hot water to the powder and mix it thoroughly with a Chasen until it forms a matcha concentrate. Next, pour the matcha over 300ml of water or milk in a circular motion to create a beautiful layer of matcha color. Finally, sit back and enjoy your delicious and refreshing matcha!

Kelly Loves combines her heritage in Japanese and Korean food, culture and traditions to bring you authentic food, treats and recipes for you to enjoy at home.

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