Crosskey Avenue; Sparking memories of sun filled holidays with their range of scented candles

Wednesday 16th Dec 2020 |

Expect to see a new collection of scented candles gracing coffee tables across the country, don’t forget you heard the name here first! Crosskey Avenue is a new upstart boutique perfume house from London that’s launching with three exquisitely fragranced candles.

The soy blend candles, each highly fragranced with a sophisticated perfume that include essential oils, have been inspired by global holiday destinations favoured by the discerning traveller.

Meet your new favourites:

Ischia –

scented candles

Italian lemons combined with the sweet perfume of freshly cut red roses in this luxurious fragrance full of abundance. Inspired by summer getaways to the fertile volcanic Italian island of Ischia, this zesty yet floral fragrance mixes with notes of tomato leaf and Mediterranean cypress in this beautiful scented candle. Uplifting yet floral!

Langkawi –

scented candles

Inspired by the relaxing scents of Malaysia’s tropical island paradise. Heavenly frangipani combines with milky coconut and fresh lemongrass to create this irresistibly luxurious fragrance. Breathe in and let us take you on a soothing walk along white sandy beaches as the warm waves gently lap at your feet. Zen like heavenly!

Haputale –

scented candles

The delicate scent of blue water lily, bergamot and chamomile help evoke the wonderous tea growing Hill Country region of Sri Lanka. This rich spicy fragrance has hints of pink pepper and reminds us of cosy nights sipping warm tea on the terrace looking out over well-tended tea fields. Cosy evening bliss!

Crosskey Avenue founder and director Howard Crosskey takes his inspiration from travel, horticulture and memory and said: “I’ve always been fascinated by our olfactory senses; it has the power to evoke so many emotions and memories in us all. Like every time I smell the warm resinous fragrance of the cypress tree, instantly I’m transported back to joyous childhood holidays in Greece spent with my family before we lost my Father. All that from walking past a tree!

“I’ve found fragrance can play a key role in bringing us comfort and joy through its ability to evoke memories and emotions. With Crosskey Avenue scented candles I’m creating pathways for lost memories and joyful occasions through perfume and its innate ability to trigger human emotions. Given this last year travel hasn’t been an option for most of us, I decided my launch collection would be inspired by my past travels around the world. Crosskey Avenue is hopeful, forward looking yet reflective.”

Crosskey Avenue’s luxury scented candles are made in England by professional Chandlers with over 130 years of experience. A soy blend wax is used with a cotton wick to ensure the highest quality burn and maximum perfume throw.

Sustainability has been built into the Crosskey Avenue brand from its inception. Packaging is proudly plastic free and recyclable. Cardboard using Forest Stewardship Council certified wood is used for the outer packaging and the soy blend wax is derived from soy grown responsibly in the EU.

A perfect Christmas gift, the candles are available to purchase for £39

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