Crave’s List; Autumn Haircare Heroes

Friday 11th Sep 2020 |

Although we’ve all enjoyed the summer sun, it can leave your hair feeling rather unhappy.

The heat, humidity and exposure to chlorine can take its toll on your hair, leaving it feeling dry and brittle, with split ends making it unmanageable and prone to further damage.

We have gathered a selection of our favourite haircare heroes to ease your locks in autumn and give you the straight from the salon look day to day….

Haircare heroes – HASK Argan Oil Repairing Hair Oil 

hair heroes

A lightweight, alcohol-free oil which absorbs instantly into hair to provide frizz-free shine without leaving an oily residue. Argan Oil works perfectly on damaged, split-end prone hair as it is rich in essential fatty acids and easily penetrates your stands to restore shine and provide soft, silky results.

Haircare heroes – HASK Keratin Hair Oil 

hair heroes

Infused with hydrolyzed keratin to smooth and reduce frizz, making it the perfect choice for anyone who’s hair has become more unruly since the summer sun has set. Regular use of the Keratin Hair Oil helps strengthen hair to prevent further breakage, heat damage, and tame frizz, leaving dry hair soft and incredibly shiny.

Haircare heroes – Myvitamins Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

Delicious and convenient gummies which contain zinc and biotin to contribute to the maintenance of normal hair as well as skin. Not only are they packed with beauty vitamins, the chewable gummies are Blueberry flavoured so they’re tasty too.

Haircare heroes – Blunt Beauty – Full Spectrum Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Hair & Body Elixir

hair heroes

You only need ONE oil that works for your scalp, hair, beard, nails and body. No need for multiple products that do exactly the same thing. Dermatologically tested formula with full Cannabinoid profile for rich intensively nourishing skin and scalp. Revitalises and soothes dry, sensitive skin, nails, hair and scalp.

Electric °C-1 Intensive Treatment Masque

A lightweight, conditioning treatment designed to restore hair back to health. Full of moisturising lipids, vegetable proteins and wheat germ oil – which locks in moisture – the masque will leave your hair supremely smooth and glossy. 

OSMO Deep Moisture Mask 

An intensely hydrating mask providing rescue for over-stressed, heat traumatised, and chemically abused hair. The mega-moisturising hero ingredient is Pataua Oil, extracted from the Amazonian Brazilian palm tree, and Keratin Complex for a healthy sheen and smooth, manageable results that will keep your tresses shining all year long. If you’ve been partying too hard over the festive season this is the sweet treat for luscious locks.

So…? Sorry Not Sorry Tame The Mane Hair Mask

Restore and repair your hair with this nourishing hair mask enriched with Green Tea extracts to add renewed life to your hair. Lightly scented with a sweet pea fragrance, this mask will leave hair feeling luscious with extra added bounce and shine.

MONAT Hair Transformation Masque

A nourishing formula that will help reverse breakage whilst strengthening and softening. It will transform the look of damaged, brittle, over-processed hair within minutes.

Intensive, ultra-rich and highly concentrated dose of amino acids to nourish and thicken each strand, whilst rebuilding the architecture of the cortex. Designed to be used once or twice a week, but gentle enough to use every day, the masque offers users the opportunity to tailor their own regimen in line with their hair’s unique restructuring needs.


FIBER RESCUE™ – Plant based technology proven to target damage at a microscopic level, reconstructing its internal structure and strength while providing manageability back into the hair.

REJUVENIQE S™ – A super activated oil that combines the nourishing and revitalizing powers of REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive’s 13+ botanical oils and extracts with a patented activated oil blend derived from olive oil and jojoba seed extract.

NaturVital Silver Blonde Toner Hair Mask

This neutralising hair mask with organic growing blueberry and pomegranate extracts, aloe vera gel, enriched with plant keratin and B5 pro-vitamin, is the perfect supplement for cleaning, caring and enhancing blonde/chestnut/brown dyed hair and any dyed hair with highlights

Yumi Nutrition Hair, Skin & Nails gummies, £14.99, 

With high levels of biotin, folic acid and vitamins A, B12, C, D and E to nourish hair from within, these berry flavoured gummies are the tastiest and easiest route to the healthy flowing locks of your dreams. Featuring 100% natural colours and flavourings, the Yumi vegan gummies will help you on your way to longer and thicker hair, as well as stronger nails and brighter and clearer skin. The gummies are enjoyable and easy to consume on the go or at home and are great if you don’t like swallowing traditional pills and capsules. For best results, just chew two gummies each day!

Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional’s Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Hair Stylist recommends:

“Once a week have an extra special treat to help your hair deal with the colder weather and useFudge Professional’s Damage Rewind Shampoo to keep the hair from feeling too dry and making sure to leave it on for 5 minutes to allow it to set in and work its magic.

As well as using Fudge Professional’s One Shot Treatment Spray which strengthens and repairs hair and has silk proteins to add condition and shine – perfect way to tackle dull hair with the dull weather!

I also really recommend using Fudge Professional’s Luminzer Shampoo and Conditioner as your normal go to routine as it’s a great all-rounder and glow-getter.”

Also try Fudge Professional’s Aqua Shine Serum for a lightweight glossy finish (thanks to the Shine-Lock technology), perfect for keeping yourhair moveable without too much product.”

Centred. En-Root Scalp Treatment – £36 / 100ml

  • this natural and vegan detox treatment is like a facial for the scalp. A powerful concentrate of plant-based and essential oils to help those en-route to a healthy scalp and fortified hair
  • deeply nourishing olive, hemp and lavender oils replenish moisture to dry brittle hair, whilst detoxifying salicylic acid exfoliates detoxes the scalp to remove product and dead skin cell build-up
  • soothing rosemary and peppermint oils stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles maximising hair growth potential and antibacterial tea tree provides antifungal benefits

Centred. Tender Love and Hair Supplements – £30 / 60 capsules

  • Hair cells rely on nutrition for growth. These supplements are designed to deliver key hair boosting vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and nutrients to the hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth and promote health, shiny, strong hair
  • also helps boost energy, strengthen the immune system and counteract a stressful lifestyle which, in this modern age, is one of the key reasons for poor hair quality and hair loss
    • Bamboo extract – a vital mineral for strong healthy hair, boosting strength, shine and suppleness.
    • Biotin – plays a vital role in helping the body to convert nutrition and protein for stronger hair
    • Aloe Vera – Repairs skin cells in the scalp and promotes hair growth
    • Amino Acids – vital for the production of keratin, the key protein in hair
    • Zinc – immune boosting 
    • Iron – vital for the production of red blood cells. Lack of Iron can cause severe tiredness and lead to hair loss.
    • Vitamin C – A powerful Antioxidant helping the body to absorb nutrients

ECO-WARRIOR Shampoo Bar – £4.50/100g, Sainsburys & Ocado

  • Compact. Effective. British made. Plastic-free. Affordable. Vegan. Sustainable. Bio-degradable. Recyclable. Major impact on cleansing, minimum impact on the environment.
  • Made with only naturally derived ingredients and simply wrapped in a recyclable box, it helps eliminate untold single use plastic bottles from sinks, bathrooms and wash bags!
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, synthetic preservatives
  • With Orange & Ginger essential oils and detoxifying pink clay to gently cleanse, condition and moisturise the hair. Why take two bottles when one will do?

Arbonne True Hair Replenishing Mask – 

This intense replenishing mask transforms dull, thirsty hair with nourishing hydration. Working with shower or bath steam, this rich and creamy formula leaves hair feeling incredibly soft, smooth, and manageable with a glossy finish. The mask contains moisture boosting botanicals like pea protein, sustainably sourced baobab, and ashwagandha root for deep hydration that quenches the thirstiest locks. This restorative mask moisturises without weighing hair down for a healthy looking shine from root to tip.

Arbonne True Hair Daily Leave-In Treatment – 

GLOSS Shine Expert Oil

Lock in healthy looking hair with this anti-frizz and restorative treatment that helps protect against damage caused by environmental and heat styling stress. The Leave In Treatment works throughout the day, helping to prevent breakage and split ends by strengthening hair with essential moisture.

This luxurious non-greasy hair oil delivers sublime softness and perfect finish. Apply towel or dry hair to help detangle, de-frizz and add exceptional everyday shine. Enjoy the stunning scent of mandarin and fig as you create beautiful, salon style hair, at home.

Available to buy in store and online at Sainsbury’s as well as via the Smith England website. RRP: £10.00  

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