Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home

Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home

Sunday 23rd Oct 2022 |

According to Santander, estate agents report that buyers are paying up to 15.5% more for a property that boasts high-efficiency standards. 95% of homes in the UK are centrally heated, relying on gas boilers.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, much of the UK is seeking ways to heat their homes without the use of radiators. Here Andrew Haydon from Simply Plastics has analysed Google trend data to determine the most popular and cost-effective ways the UK is heating their homes.

Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home – Secondary Glazing – 1.650%

According to Google trend data, the search term, how to heat your home has received a 320.98% uplift within the last 3 months. Such an increase reflects the UK’s desire to adopt new (cost-effective) ways to heat their property.

The term secondary glazing has seen a 1.650% increase in searches. Secondary glazing is a layer of material added internally to an existing window. The appeal of secondary glazing is that you can use acrylic or polycarbonate which is advantageous in terms of cost, functionality, and safety. It doesn’t disrupt the property like double glazing and is considered a simple DIY task. Up to 40% of heat can be lost through windows. According to the Eco Experts, secondary glazing can save you up to 60% on your energy bills. According to ‘Home Building’, homeowner Lindsay Gordon installed 11 secondary glazing panels within her 3-bedroom property to reduce external noise. However, not only did it reduce noise, but the property’s energy bills decreased from £450 to £230.

Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home – Solar Panels – 309.75%

The installation of solar panels has risen by 45% in the last year, making a 309.75% increase in google searches no surprise. Solar Panels Manchester may be installed any time of year however, they generate more electricity between April – December when the sun is at its highest. Installing solar panels can reduce your electricity bills by 25% each year.

Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home – Draft Excluder – 990%

Draft excluders are a great cost-effective way to retain heat in the home with research showing that they can save you up to £60 a year in heating bills.

Placing draft excluders around the home before you enter the room is a great way to keep spaces warm before you spend a length of time in them, for instance, bedrooms.

Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home – Closing Curtains – 9.939%

According to the University of Salford, closing your curtains at dusk can reduce heat loss by up to 17%.  Ultimately, closing the curtains stops airflow between rooms as it creates a barrier in front of the window. Ensuring that you close the curtains at dusk allows the sun to stream throughout the day, helping warm the space.

Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Home – Open Fireplace – 613.33%

2.5 million households contain an open fireplace. As Google searches reach 613.33%, the UK is searching for ways to optimise its use.  If a draft is not excluded from a fireplace, up to 80% of the heat of the room can be lost. Ensure that the chimney is blocked to prevent cold air from entering and warm air from leaving. Blocking your chimney can reduce energy bills by up to 5%.

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