Cold & Flu Season; Your Survival Kit

Monday 04th Jan 2021 |

In a year of constant talk about colds and viruses, it seems strange that we have only just entered cold and flu season (officially, 21st December – 20th March 2021). 

Although the new vaccine has at least injected some positivity into the UK, it doesn’t mean that everything is going to go back to normal quickly, or that the safety precautions will no longer apply. The World Health Organisation has warned, ‘we will need to continue to be vigilant. Covid-19 is very transmissible and thus could have recurrent pandemic potential.’

Everyday cold prevention necessities we’ve come to know and learn are to continue – we need to keep washing our hands, cleaning high-touch surfaces often and wearing our masks in order to keep ourselves and others safe.


GP and Medical broadcaster, Dr Sarah Jarvis –

It would be completely understandable to associate the symptoms of the common cold with Covid-19. The throat spray ColdZyme is most effective when used when you feel the first symptoms of a cold, for example if someone you are in contact with someone who has a cold or if you are in a contagiousenvironment such as public transport.” 


Through cold and flu season we must continue to sanitise our hands to prevent and stop further spread of viruses. Continue to be safe-conscious for yourself and others around you, including in your home, workplace or around other people. Ocean Free products kills 99.999% of bacteria, germs and viruses, with a variety of sizes and options available.” 

What you’ll need…

ColdZyme® (20ml £17.50)(7ml one cold application £9.89)

Available from Amazon, independent pharmacies and Boots stores nationwide.Use ColdZyme® by pointing the nozzle towards the throat and spray 2 puffs (1 dose) every two hours to help protect against infection or until the symptoms are gone.

Ocean Free Hand Sanitiser Gel 125ml, £3.49,

cold & flu season

Ocean Free have a successfully 70% Alcohol in their hand sanitisers. The advanced surgical grade products have biocidal properties designed for hygiene sensitive environments.
Ocean Free Antiseptic Disinfectant Spray 60ml, £3.49,

cold & flu season

Ocean Free Antiseptic Disinfectant Spray 60ml, £3.49,

cold & flu season

Ocean Free Universal Disinfectant Wipes, £17.99 (400 wipes),

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