Cocktails Darling…It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere

Sunday 11th Feb 2024 |

The origins and evolution of cocktails present a fascinating journey through history, culture, and innovation. While the exact inception of the first cocktail remains shrouded in mystery, historical records suggest that the practice of mixing spirits with other ingredients dates back to the 18th century.

Initially, these concoctions were medicinal remedies or tonics designed to make harsh liquors more palatable. As global exploration introduced new spices, sugars, and fruits to the mixologist’s pantry, cocktails evolved into a sophisticated art form.

In the realm of modern cocktail making, innovation reigns supreme, with mixologists constantly pushing the boundaries to create unique experiences and elevate the art of cocktail making. 

Meanwhile, Marketeers push those boundaries further; thus making way for the “Ready-Made” Cocktails. These innovative trends have soared in popularity and cater to evolving consumer preferences for uniqueness, quality, and sustainability.

So, who simply offers the most indulgent?


Angels Dare – an award-winning canned cocktail brand created and canned in the UK. Completely vegan, and offering a line up of three delicious 10%ABV cocktails and 1 mouthwatering 0% cocktail, they truly offer a drink for everyone.

Cheeky Wee Kiss: The brand’sflagship ice-breaker — a flirtatious mix of dry gin, sweet yet fiery rhubarb and ginger, a dash of strawberry, and the gentle embrace of cranberry juice.

Maverick Martini: A heady combination of passion fruit, vanilla, orange, and lime delivers a delightfully decadent mix of sweet and tart in a ready-to-drink experience guaranteed to captivate straight from the can and transport you somewhere truly exotic, whatever the weather outside.  

The Secret Orchard: Designed for when you need a haven of tranquility, this is the craft canned cocktail for you. The gently carbonated Secret Orchard recipe fuses fine dry gin with the delicate flavours of peach, elderflower, and apple before lifting them with a refreshing zing of lemon.

La Bonnie Vita: Embracing the romanticism of the Scottish – Italian love affair. Indulge in the refreshing combination of sharp yet sweet Scottish Raspberry, zesty and vibrant Sicilian Lemon all wrapped with a decadent dash of Blood Orange.


G&I Spirit Group was born in 2017 by two brothers, seeking to create a range of super-premium spirits that are to be enjoyed in all manner of ways, including simply over ice.

The brothers started out mixing cocktails in their restaurant in Benfleet, Essex and realised the need to produce cocktails quickly but maintaining the highest quality possible. They’ve already cracked the US, Chinese and South American international markets and are supplying cruise liners such as Princess Cruises, proving they’re a great hit with consumers.

Their ready made cocktail selection includes the following flavours: Lemon Sherbet | Passion Fruit Gin | Summer Berry Pink Gin | Pornstar Martini | Mocha Martini | Espresso Martini

Niche Cocktails – pride themselves as not comfortable with the idea of compromise and they don’t believe their consumers should be either. “We want a canned cocktail as delicious in taste, and minimal in effort, as if you’d just stepped away from the bar. It’s why we consider flavour to be the fundamental factor throughout our process, and we’ll never waiver from that.”

Made entirely from carefully sourced natural ingredients, from local firms, Adnams and The English Distillery. Niche drinks are created at their Suffolk base and tested meticulously to ensure they recreate the very best cocktails you’ve ever had the good fortune to experience.

Whether you’re a rum fan, vodka lover, gin buff, whisky fiend or tequila nut, we have something to keep everyone’s tastebuds quenched. Close your eyes, take a sip and dream of that rooftop bar! Niche’s ready made cocktail flavours are Brazillian Lime Margarita | Pink Grapefruit |Mocha Martini | Matcha Mojito | Raspberry Cosmo | Blood Orange Old Fashioned | Manuka Honey Whisky Sour


MOTH Elevate at-home entertaining and parties in the park with MOTH’s (Mix of Total Happiness) collection of eight bar-quality cocktails in a can. The perfect fit for those evenings where the conversation flows late into the night, MOTH’s delicious ready-to-drink serves are created for hassle-free sipping both at home or on the move. (Good friends and fine blends: what more do you need?)

Some ingredients work better together. Teaming up with award-winning spirits partners, MOTH knows every ingredient is the best of the best, every sip is delicious, and the cocktails can be enjoyed anywhere. All you have to do is take a can from the fridge or cool bag and enjoy. 

Choose from one of MOTH’s eight expertly mixed classic cocktails in fully recyclable cans:

Margarita (125ml) Fresh, sharp and confident. We think you’ll like it. Show it off in a Martini glass with a salted rim. Also good over ice with a takeaway. Or just drink and dance. Made with Enemigo Tequila.

Negroni (125ml)  Enigmatic and floral. Punchy and bitter. Slips in your travel bag. Perfect at sunset. Or sunrise, if you’re happy to talk forever. Made with Tarquin’s Cornish Gin and Asterley Bros Amaro.

French 75 (200ml) This one loves a soirée. Zesty, dancy and a little bit fancy. Wears a sequin beret. Pairs with a platter. Can keep a secret. Made with Tarquin’s Cornish Gin. 

Piña Colada (200ml) It’s silky-sweet and swanky. Think pink skies in Puerto Rico. Cheeky with a cherry on top. It’s singing that song from 1979 – if you like? Made with Duppy Share Rum. 

Aperitivo Spritz (200ml) Sparkly, bright, bold. It giggles at golden hour. And stories at sunrise. All eyes a-twinkle over the table. Made with Tarquins Cornish Gin. 

Old Fashioned (100ml) Rich, romantic, aromatic. Your go-to classic. Serve it over ice. Start a deep debate that puts the world to rights and stretches long into the night. Or karaoke. Made with The English Whisky Co.

Espresso Martini (125ml) Smooth, bitter, balanced. Likes a glass icy enough to write your name on. Goes with anything sweet, like a lover. Perfect with your favourite playlist. Made with Wood Brothers Vodka.

Mojito (200ml) Soulful, juicy, bittersweet. It’s hot Havana rain, it’s lazy poolside dreamin’. Goes with fresh cuisine and wants to see your wild side. Made with Duppy Share Rum, mint, lime and soda – nice over ice.

So whether you are the hostess with the ‘mostess’ and simply pairing your cocktail with a fancy glass and slice of fruit to give that extra touch of class, Or you are the guest bringing along a contribution to the party – these brands are the go to when it comes to elegance, sophistication and style.

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