Christmas hairstyles for thick, thin, frizzy, or curly hair

Wednesday 23rd Dec 2020 |

The holiday season is now in full swing and it’s the perfect time to try something new or mix things up with a new festive look.

When trying something new, it can be difficult to know what styles will suit our hair type and what direction to take when we’re feeling daring.

That’s why Nicole Petty, Hair Care expert over at Milk + Blush, shares her hair-spiration for all hair types and how you can revitalise your look with a style to suit you.

Christmas hairstyles – Curly mane 

If you have curls, odds are you either embrace it wholeheartedly or wish that it was different. After all, curls are a blessing, but they’re not always easy to manage. 

For a quick, simple, and heat-less style, tie your curls into a high ponytail. It not only shows them off but is a super chic festive do.

The key is to emphasise your curls, so to give your hair added bounce and shine, hydrate your curls with a generous helping of curl enhancing gel.

Another festive up-do is the halo braid. Start by parting the hair and begin a traditional Dutch braid, wrap the braid around the head to create the halo, tuck into place, and secure with grips. Make sure to add a spritz of hair spray to keep any strays in place. 

For hair that’s proving harder to tame and prone to flyaways, the fine bristles of a toothbrush can work magic on stubborn flyaways. gently smoothing your hair, while applying some hair spray, can help catch fine hairs that a normal brush will miss – giving you the perfect finish.

Christmas hairstyles – Pump up the volume 

For people with thin hair, it’s all about maximising the volume and giving the illusion of thickness.

That’s why trying out a traditional blowout this season could be the way to go. The perfect blowout begins with clean hair, so don’t forget to shampoo and condition your locks before getting started.

To avoid heat damage, ensure you had a heat protection treatment when damp and blow-dry it on a medium setting. 

Alternatively, for those looking to keep it festive and accentuate your volume, you could also opt for a half up/half down style

It’s an easy-to-maintain style that you might find yourself wanting to keep. When it comes to maximizing volume, clip in hair extensions will do the trick while adding the wow-factor.

Christmas hairstyles – Fizz season not frizz season

Frizzy hair can actually make switching styles extremely difficult, so, it’s important to find styles that are easy to style and flattering.

Bobs are in right now; so, any natural frizz can help add a flattering wavey texture to the bob and help direct attention to the face. Introduce an accent twist for a touch of added flair for the winter season.

If you’re not ready for the chop, consider adding an embellished headband or accessory to keep long tresses locked down. A loose up-do like a French braid will help disguise any frizz as it becomes part of the look.

Christmas hairstyles – Thick hair, don’t care

While everyone thinks you should feel blessed, sometimes it can be a nightmare finding hairstyles for thick hair that actually work.

Create the illusion of thinner hair by parting it into sections. For a quick fix, simply tuck your hair behind your ears to create a dual texture look and add some Christmas sparkle with glitter hair accessories, like an embellished headband or festive rhinestones. 

If you’re not yet sold on letting your hair down, you can show off your hair with a tidier finish and go for a woven half-up style. This way, you can keep hair out of your face while still showing off your hair’s natural volume and length.

By Nicole Petty, Hair Care expert at Milk + Blush

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