Celebrating Earth Day; Stay sustainable with these beauty buys

Thursday 22nd Apr 2021 |

Today we are celebrating Earth Day. This year’s theme is all about Restoring Our Earth to prevent the imminent disasters of climate change and environmental destruction.

Here are some top tips on how to help to preserve our planet all year round.

Celebrating Earth Day – LOOK FOR ORGANIC

Celebrating Earth Day

Look for organic with Organic Apoteke, spiritually inspired and scientifically based brand Organic Apoteke only uses 100% certified organically sourced ingredients. Identifying and researching nature’s ingredients and then using them in their products for full effect. Not only are the products organic and cruelty free but the packaging is 100% recyclable and the vegetable ink used to print onto the products wears off along with the gold branding, meaning its perfectly able to recycle after use. The go-to brand to add into your routine!

Organic Apoteke is available from www.organicapoteke.com

Celebrating Earth Day – DITCH THE WET WIPES

Celebrating Earth Day

Ditch the need to use wet wipes at toilet time and opt for the eco-friendly, vegan alternative, Wype Toilet Wipe Gel made with natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is 100% biodegradable With over 2million wet wipes already saved from UK sewage since its inception, Wype are already making a significant enviromental impact and closing the door on single use plastic!

Wype is available from www.wypeuk.com

Celebrating Earth Day – OPT FOR VEGAN

Celebrating Earth Day

Vegan products offer various benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint and water consumption per day while using ingredients that are not as harsh to your body. Switching to vegan is a great step to make a positive change to the environment. Luxury, cruelty-free vegan beauty brand MONAT prides themselves on their naturally based products whether it’s haircare or skincare. Commended as pioneers in naturally based anti-ageing haircare, MONAT also applies its innovative approach to a revolutionary line of products formulated for all skin types. MONAT work towards extracting nature’s most potent ingredients, using unique blends of botanical oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells – this ultimate vegan brand has unbeatable results.

MONAT is available from www.monatglobal.com/uk

Celebrating Earth Day CHOOSE CRUELTY FREE

Celebrating Earth Day

Choose cruelty free, cruelty free products are not derived or tested on animals so less toxins are being released back into the atmosphere that are harmful to the planet.

Celebrating Earth Day

Cruelty-Free products are generally healthier, by choosing products not tested on animals you’re also ditching the bad chemicals like parabens, sulphates, and synthetic dyes. These cleaner products are also better for your skin, hair and body. Many brands offer cruelty free products such as our clients Fudge Professional, OSMO and So…?.

Celebrating Earth Day

Fudge Professional is available from www.uk.fudgeprofessional.com and www.lookfantastic.com
OSMO is available from www.justmylook.com
So…? Fragrance is from available from www.sofragrance.com

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