Caring for your hair extensions; Tips from the experts

Saturday 24th Apr 2021 |

Are you new to hair extensions? Or used them in the past? One important thing that will make your hair extensions last longer is to refresh your memory on the best ways to take care of them. It is highly crucial to adopt a good routine with your hair extensions from the beginning until the end. 

Frey Necole, Founder of FORHALLE & Zee Elle has discussed some tips and tricks to extend the life and integrity of your hair extensions. 

When you stick to these words of wisdom, you can be assured of a healthy and long-lasting hair extensions. 

Caring for your hair extensions – Do Not Overwash!

You do not need to wash your hair extensions every day. Adopting a routine to wash your hair extensions once a week is good enough. Remember, hair extensions are extended hairs and not your synthetic hairs. They do not have the power to take off natural oiling from your scalp. Over washing your hair extension can make them lose their shine. More so, it is advisable to wash your hair extensions in an upright manner without affecting the proper structure of the hair. 

Caring for your hair extensions – Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Caring for your hair extensions

Adequate moisture is a needed for your hair extensions. Hair extensions are porous and it is mandatory to moisturise and seal in order for them to last long. Using a good quality hair mask can help replenish the moisture and seal the moisture in.  Product Recommendation – FORHALLE Moisture Bag RRP £12

Caring for your hair extensions – DO NOT sleep with wet hair extensions – no no no!

When it comes to maintaining and taking proper care of your hair extensions, you should NOT be sleeping with them wet. Sleeping with a wet hair extensions lead to a number of issues including tangling, matting & knotting. This could be very difficult to resolve with gentle brushing. So, always ensure that your hair is dry before going to bed. Tip – sleep in a low pony. 

Caring for your hair extensions

Caring for your hair extensions – Brush Your Hair Extensions Gently

If you want to m maintain straight and glowing hair extensions, adopt the habit of brushing gently. You can start from the bottom part and then move slowly towards the upper section. Remember, don’t go too hard. Brush your hair extensions gently to prevent any damages. We recommend a vent brush as opposed to a round blow dry brush. 

Caring for your hair extensions – Oil Your Hair Extensions Properly

As well as brushing gently, you also need to oil your hair extensions. You can schedule a daily routine to oil your hair extensions using a good quality hair serum or hair extensions oil. Since these extensions cannot get the oil from your scalp, you have to provide the oil yourself. 

There you have it! Perhaps some of the top tips to take proper care of your hair extensions. 

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