Budget home improvements when selling your home

Tuesday 16th Jun 2020 |

The government has now reopened the housing market, allowing people to view potential properties and relocate, as long as all parties follow social distancing measures.

If you’re thinking of selling your home but feel it needs a little makeover, Matthew Currington, Technical Director at The Lighting Superstore has put together a list of purse-friendly improvements to help you get the best deal possible. 

First impressions

The front of your house is the first thing potential buyers will see when viewing your home. To ensure you’re putting your best foot forward make sure the exterior is neat and tidy, as this can make a powerful first impression and have a knock-on effect for the rest of the visit.

Inexpensive improvements to the front of the house can be, freshly cut grass, a pathway free of weeds or debris and freshly painted front doors and fences. Damaged gutters or cracks along the exterior of the house can also be low-cost fixes that have a positive impact. 

Heart of the home

Kitchens are often the focus for many buyers;  but it doesn’t make sense to spend £1000s on a brand new kitchen before you sell. Instead, focus on small areas that you can improve on.

Painting units, replacing cupboard handles or doors are cheaper methods of refreshing the kitchen. You can also transform the space in an instant with peel-and-stick tiles or an all-in-one glass splashback.

When looking to sell its normally best to keep your palette neutral, so it’s a blank canvas for potential buyers.

Make your home lighter

Light creates the illusion of space, however, not everyone has the budget for a skylight or sliding patio doors.

One of the simplest and often overlooked ways to create the illusion of a brighter and bigger space and is to clean your windows.

Position mirrors opposite windows to reflect more light around the house and strategically at the end of a cramped hallway to make the area seem more spacious.

Use multiple light sources in each room so even if limited natural light is coming in from the outside, you can always add a little more.

Squeaky clean

Bathrooms have become another make or break room for potential buyers. Nowadays, they are so much more than just for grooming, instead, they’ve become a home sanctuary.

There are several simple fixes you can add to your bathroom to make sure it’s looking its best ahead of viewings. Fixtures such as towel racks, toilet roll holders and cabinet pulls can make such an impact for a fraction of the price.

Consider adding more lighting to your bathroom or change the existing lighting. The brighter the better as dingy lighting is outdated and impractical.

Lastly, ensure your bathroom is spotless. Dirt and grime can date a bathroom and give the impression of neglect. If you have stained tile grout, use a grout pen to restore the tile grout. For a couple of pounds, it leaves them looking clean and protected. 

Spark Joy

Dirty or cluttered rooms can be an immediate turn off for some potential buyers, so a tidy home should never be underestimated.

Take some time to clean and declutter each room from top to bottom, paying special attention to high impact rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

It might even be worth taking inspiration from Marie Kondo – famous for her ‘sparks joy’ philosophy – and have a spring clean. Clear unwanted and unused items in your home can create so much more space and make the property feel much bigger. 

And finally, to make sure there are no bad odours, open your windows to let in fresh air before each viewing. You want to stand out to potential buyers, but not for the wrong reasons.

Matthew Currington, Technical Director, The Lighting Superstore

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