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Wednesday 10th Nov 2021 |


With the likes of Bella Hadid and leaning into this retro aesthetic, brows expert Tori Rosero- Founder of The Glowblade Academy provides her expert comment on how to achieve skinny brows, without having to go mad with the tweezers and making the same mistakes many of us did way back when!

skinny browsBrow pencils are essential to achieve this look.  I’d recommend a soft, creamy pencil for easy application. I particularly like the Plouise Cosmetics Brow Range – the product is super fine so will allow you to create precise strokes. Fill in your brows BEFORE you reshape, as you don’t want to remove any hairs that you might need to create your desired shape.

Ditch the transfers – it takes too much time! And half the time you’ll have one brow higher or lower than the other which isn’t a flattering look instead opt for a “Brow Stencil” this is perfect for allowing you to create a brow that’s perfect for your face shape, they are so easy to use which will help you to develop your skills drawing a brow Remember they are sisters not twins.

For that sculpted 90’s brow, pay extra attention to the clean sharp shape and use a highlighter underneath the arch to compliment the shape you’ve just created, whilst also covering any regrowth. Use a setting spray or product that will keep the hairs in place, this will allow you to create the skinny brow look, without having to make any drastic changes to your existing brows. Concealers are a great option to help shape your arches and can accentuate the thin line you’re trying to create, once you’ve outlined the shape of the brow.

Pluck lightly! Less is more, over plucking can leave you with brows that you can’t easily fix so try not to over do it unless you want to commit to skinny brows long term!

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