Brow Trends; What’s hot for 2021

Tuesday 24th Nov 2020 |

Leigh Blackwell, founder of The London Brow Company, was the first beauty expert to bring brow lamination to UK shores back last year. 

‘Brow Lamination originated from Russia around 3 years ago, but it is now making its mark in the beauty industry worldwide. It only made its way into the UK late last year when accredited courses started running’ reveals Blackwell and it has swept the beauty world ever since. Celebrities including Cara Jocelyn Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Laura are the most recent celebrities to be sporting the look which transforms brows into their thickest, fuller state without a needle insight.

“Winter is the best time of the year to rejuvenate your brows, we all know gorgeous summer brows are created in the winter!  Put your brows to bed over this second lockdown, hide your tweezers and let them grow!  Take time for yourself and treat them to some warm cosy pamper winter night..  Keep them hydrated and rejuvenated daily with a serum/ eyebrow mask like London Brow Company, Brow Dr Miracle Mask, £29.99 and by spring you will have a new brow reveal ready for the summer.


“Lockdown has given us a new beauty regime and this includes leaving our brows alone! In the beginning we all had no choice bring housebound and didn’t have to face anyone so we took this much enjoyed break away from make-up and incessant brow grooming.  What happened?  We found Brow Liberation! Having naturally messy untamed brows grew on us, literally.  We found the much needed freedom of leaving all the little stray brow hairs alone to become nice and long and strong.  Going back to natural skin care, no make-up and bushy brows was one of the great things to come out of lockdown.  Now we feel a lot more confident showing off the natural fuller brow and not panicking when a single hair is misplaced.  It’s okay not to pluck them, it’s okay if they are not in a perfect line and its okay to feel happy wearing them just as they are. Putting away the brow liner and tweezers is the new lockdown brow liberation. How do you now maintain your new fuller lock down brows once lockdown is lifted in December?  A lamination! Only needing a brow treatment every 8/10 weeks to keep your brows fluffy and natural is the easiest brow maintenance you have ever had. This way you don’t see any of the strays and you get to keep growing your full brow mane in perfectly.”


Brow lamination is a perfect way to keep your brows in shape NATURALLY. You can not only create the perfect shape you can also have the perfect MISshape if you want! Lamination is the new version of crazy hair styles.  You can play around with so many styles, experiment with different shapes, sizes and versions of brows without worrying that you are committing to them. If you are feeling bold you can have bold brows, if you are feeling sophisticated we can tailor your brows for you.  All of this without any major hair removal and the best part – no brow tattooing!  You really can create the brow perfect for your mood now.

With lamination lasting up to 8-10 weeks and with the incredible ways we can enhance brow health with aftercare products this is the new long term brow care we have been waiting for.

  • -Bushy brows
  • -Brushed up brows
  • -Defined yet natural brows
  • -Less powder and pencil
  • -Fluffy brows with a hint of skin
  • -Your own brows just a bit better

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