British Self-Tan Brand Rose & Caramel Campaign for Women’s Mental Health

Friday 18th Sep 2020 |

For ladies who like to self tan or looked bronzed, they know that it is not always easy, as this beauty trend has stigmas around it – orange hands and feet, strained bed sheets and worse, people using terms like ‘oompa loompah’ or ‘tangoed’ to describe self tan colour for those who use them.

This is why this September Rose & Caramel have launched their ‘I TAN FOR ME’ campaign to raise awareness for women’s self-esteem and mental health with leading mental health charity- (for better mental health in the U.K.)

The company was inspired by heart touching stories and photos, shared to them, by their own die hard fans, and how their products have helped individuals with more than self and body confidence, but even cover up side effects on skin cause by endometriosis. 

We caught up with CEO, Rosie Greenhalgh, and asked her on what it means to be ME and the BEST version of her possible self. 

Rosie Greenhalgh

Crave: What is your response to the 1 in 3 UK women who are shamed for fake tanning?


Women should not be shamed for any reason, and definitely not for something like fake tanning. Our I TAN FOR ME Campaign was brought about just for this reason, as our customers and real women shared their experience of how our products and fake tanning actually has increased their self confidence.

 I have always had an extremely pale skin tone, it barely tans in the sun & from a young age self tan has been my go to for a confidence boost. To be able to get a deep flawless colour that looks natural boosts my confidence in every day life and on holidays. If I’m happy with my appearance it encourages a positive attitude to my day.

Crave: How will Rose & Caramel’s new ‘I Tan For Me; campaign help support women? 


Our campaign is to help support women’s mentality around body issues, and self worth- to feel comfortable in their own skin, and to encourage every individual to the be the BEST version of her possible self. A social media campaign will be launched for customers to share on Instagram with before and after photos. For each post shared, Rose & Caramel will donate £5 to leading mental health charity:, to help women for better mental health in the U.K.

Crave: How is Rose & Caramel tailoring its product range to consumers’ needs?


Our product ranges are for everybody. For those first time, or those more shy, or looking for just a glow we do products like our Nudity Glow Gradual Tanning Water- for that light kiss of sunshine. Those who are avid tanners can use Nudity Glow as tan extender instead. You can mix our range of mousses to create the perfect tan or the ultimate dark tans for those like that. Chloe Adair is known for her dark tan and she achieves this by mixing different tanning tones to create this with our products. The key is to find the right tone for your skin and our products do just that, and hence there never is that ‘orange’ look when you self tan with us!

Crave:  What Does Self Confidence Mean To You? And what would you tell your 18 year old self or advise about this subject now? 


A true self confidence means being happy in your own skin and having the ability to encourage others to feel the same. I have a quote by Charlie Chaplin In my house that I see every day, it simply says, “you have to believe in yourself that’s the secret” and that’s exactly what I’d tell my 18 year old self.

To read more stories from those who have shared or inspired this campaign, or to get involved, and donate please head to:

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