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Friday 03rd Jul 2020 |

 OFFENSIVE Fashion launches to bring luxuriously soft, yet, durable and stylish apparel to the active individual who likes to ask questions and provoke debate.

This is not fast fashion! It is inOFFENSIVE to the planet. The brand’s first collection of T-Shirts and Polos was created from its founders’ mission: to sell feel-good clothing that is ethical via a brand that starts a conversation through its provocative name. T-Shirts are priced £38 or £44, and Polo Shirts are £58.

The OFFENSIVE Fashion name was born when co-founder, Simon Bradberry, tried to find a birthday present for a pal with a cheeky sense of humour: “Two years ago, I went online in search of a gift that was tongue-in-cheek to make my friend smile. He has great style and he needed a boost. Amazingly, nobody had used the word ‘offensive’ in the context of fashion, so the seed was sown.”

Tamsin Bradberry, co-founder, adds, “Given our passion for the wellbeing of people and planet, we’re excited to produce ethically-made garments that feel good to own and wear, avoiding the need to buy throw-away garments on the high street. Our garments are designed to be comfortable, versatile and a joy to wear all day – from work in the morning, to the beach, bars or restaurants in the evening – feeling good and looking stylish at all times.”



OFFENSIVE Fashion’s founders have gone to great lengths to find fabrics with the least impact on the environment: each garment is made from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificated fabric, ensuring the least toxic process of manufacturing, as well as real comfort and peace of mind for the wearer. The company’s production ensures staff are treated fairly, adhering to all relevant regulations. As such, it has partnered with producers that are part of Fashion Revolution, which has a 10-point manifesto promising that products are produced according to ‘stringent ethical manufacturing and trading policies’, with all factories being, ‘regularly audited to ensure all local labour, health and safety laws are adhered to.’ 


The OFFENSIVE Fashion brand is the product of its founders’ passion for human wellbeing, and their drive to find clothes that help them to feel good – physically, mentally and socially. They have loved ones who, for health reasons, can’t wear a lot of fast fashion clothing found on the high streets: itchy, uncomfortable, unwearable clothing was a daily cause for concern. To address this gap, OFFENSIVE Fashion’s garments were designed from the outset to be soft, yet, durable, using combed cotton with a little stretch to give the wearer a peaceful day’s wear. In Simon’s words, “They are the most comfortable things l have in my wardrobe!” 


Fashion is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, contributing around 10% of global CO2emissions. By 2050, it is expected that 26% of the global carbon budget will be used by the sector1. Manufacture of standard T-Shirts uses an average of 2,700 litres of water2. So, with the average garment being worn only 14 times3, one of the biggest contributions a brand can make to our planet is to make long-lasting clothing

OFFENSIVE Fashion is not ‘fast fashion’: its garments are designed to last. And while it’s good to talk about eco credentials, mental health is a topic less discussed. OFFENSIVE Fashion takes mental wellbeing seriously. As a nod to the feel-good factor of its apparel, every garment comes with a tag that aims to make you smile, and doubles as a positive vibes bookmark: a small gift from the team, prompting the buyer to take time for themselves each day, to read a book or simply remember to smile. OFFENSIVE Fashion is an ethical and stylish brand for the individual who asks questions in life. Worn by men & women. This is OFFENSIVE. Get on it! 

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TV/Radio Presenter and Fitness Guru, Olivia Coxis a London-based lifestyle influencer known for her work with the likes of Sky News, Sky Sports, Sky Travel, E4, ITV and Channel 5 News. She’s known for her fitness workouts and past digital collaborations with lifestyle brands such as Clinique, L’Oreal Professional, Nocco, AVEENO® and Barebells.

Action-oriented Olivia aims to blur the line between fitness and fashion to make for a balanced life:“You can lift the heaviest weight and be the best at your sport, but you can still look great when working out! When you look good, you feel good and this is reflective in sport too.” 


Jazz Purple (A.K.A. Ola Modupe-Ojo)Jazz’s first music opportunity came when Calvin Harris management (Three Six Zero) discovered him through remixes he’d uploaded to Myspace. He recorded for Elektra and Warner Brothers before producing his first album, More Soul Than Sense, in 1995. Zane Lowe played his first major project with Bipolarsunshine, ‘Aesthetics‘, numerous times on Radio 1. He is described as a ‘multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer with unlimited potential… and Mancunian swagger to boot’ by media platform, Ola‘s extensive career in music has since grown, producing songs with the likes of Courteeners in their latest album, Starley, Bipolar Sunshine, Becky Hill and Tinie Tempah


Pascal Wilke is a 23-year-old London-based model from Cologne, Germany, who can be seen strutting his stuff on runways for designers including Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Balmain, PringleandGivenchy. A true European, he works between Paris, Florence and Milan, as well as cities in Germany and Sweden. Pascal believes it’s important to “Be happy – don’t take life too seriously”. Whether it be cooking or exploring woodland spots and parks, he likes to take time for himself and enjoy nature’s landscapes.  

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