Brain health hacks for every age

Tuesday 24th Aug 2021 |

The past year has been a challenge for millions of people all over the world, with many people using this time to focus on their health, headspace and diet.

There has never been a better time to focus on your brain health. As the children return to school and autumn gets underway, this is the perfect opportunity to look after the brain health of all the family.

Our brains are mostly made up of fat, with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) being the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid, making up to 70% of the fatty acids found within the brain structure. DHA is present in the outer structure of our cells and has consistently been found to play a unique role in normal brain development of children* and normal brain function throughout life. Yet despite the importance of DHA, dietary intakes are below current recommendations for most of the population[1].
Efamol® has created five hacks to look after your brain whatever your age:

Brain health hacks – Keep active

Brain health hacks

After the summer holidays it’s important to get the kids back to being active and in a good routine. The Government[2]recommends that children and young adults aged 5 to 18 should do 60 minutes of exercise per day, so ditch those devices and get active!
For busy parents, don’t let exercise go to the bottom of the priority list; finding something you enjoy doing will make exercise a joy and will ensure you’re likely to continue. Try exercising with friends as this makes it sociable and more fun.  Jogging, dancing, cycling and yoga are all easily accessible.

Brain health hacks – Get organised

Family life can be hectic, but don’t let that descend into chaotic! Keeping the family and the house organised is therapeutic and will help to keep anxiety at bay. Use a family calendar to track everyone’s schedule and plan your meals for the week ahead so you know that everyone is on track to eat delicious, healthy food. In time, these good intentions will hopefully become habits.

Brain health hacks – Eat well

Whether it’s for school or work, plan a healthy lunch or lunch box for all the family. The UK Government recommends that we eat one portion of oily fish per week[3] so try incorporating this with smoked salmon sandwiches or mackerel paté. For evening meals try oily fish such as mackerel, salmon or fresh tuna (remember that tinned tuna doesn’t count as a portion of oily fish), as oily fish is the main dietary sources of omega 3 DHA. Eating oily fish a few times a week is a great insurance policy for your brain health. If you don’t like fish then a high-quality omega 3 supplement would be a good choice. Eating foods rich in anti-oxidants like vitamins A, C and E will help to protect the body from the stress of oxidation.

Brain health hacks – Learning something new

There are many actors, scientists, authors and academics, practising still into their 80’s and 90’s. One thing they have in common is they are constantly learning. Keeping your brain active has been shown to delay memory decline. Try family games that everyone can enjoy but which stimulate the little grey brain cells. Challenging your brain is hugely beneficial and one study suggests doing crossword puzzles delayed onset of memory decline by 2.54 years[4].

Brain health hacks – Stay social

It’s important for all the family to have their fair share of social time both together as a family and with friends. Encourage your children to meet their friends outdoors as 20% of the fresh air you breathe in is used by your brain to function[5]. Having an active social life, volunteering for a local charity or being part of something away from work can help stave off loneliness and depression which can occur at any time of life. Combining learning something new with socialising with friends is an amazing brain tonic.

Efamol® has a product range to provide the required daily intake of Omega 3 DHA for all the family:

Brain health hacks

For 6 months plus – Formulated with little ones in mind, Efamol® Kids Omega 3 DHA Drops are a simple and effective way to top up your child’s omega 3 levels. Suitable for babies and children as they progress through school. Each tiny 1ml daily dose contains 400mg of DHA, well above the 250mg required to support normal brain function and vision. What’s more they have a natural lemon flavour and no fishy taste. 

For 5 years plus – Efamol® Efalex Brain Formula, these tiny capsules are easy for children to swallow as they are only 15mm x 10mm. They are high in the omega 3 fat DHA which helps support normal brain function and vision, uniquely they also contain AA, the second most abundant fat in the brain and the omega 6 fat GLA from Evening Primrose Oil. 

For adults – Efamol® Efamax™ High Strength Pure Fish Oilthis ultra-strength formula is one of the strongest on the UK market containing 800mg of DHA and EPA. DHA supports  normal brain performance and vision, and DHA and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) contribute to the normal function of the heart. This product is also suitable during pregnancy. 

For older adults –  Efamol Active Memory contains a high strength omega 3 DHA fish oil, to support normal brain function* plus Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid which support normal psychological function and Ginkgo Biloba, which helps to maintain memory with age decline and preserve cognitive function.
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