Boost Autumn Immunity at Moddershall Oaks

Thursday 16th Sep 2021 |

As the crisp leaves begin to fall and summer fades away, many of us will be looking for a cosy spa experience to enjoy.

Offering a health reset and much-need boost of immunity during the cold months, autumn really is the ideal time to spa and with the below experiences, Staffordshire’s award-winning Moddershall Oaks is the perfect spot to escape during the season.

Moddershall Oaks

Hypnotic Tribal Sleep (£70 for 50 minutes)

Did you know that getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis helps the T cells in your body fight off infection*? This full body dreaming massage incorporates a creamy balm blend of deep sleep essential oils to lower adrenaline and stress levels and in turn, aids a much deeper rest. Supported by soft and plumped pillows, guests lie in the embryo position, which enhances muscular release and encourages optimum rest, for 50 blissful minutes. 

Sole to Soul (£70 for 50 minutes)

This holistic reflexology treatment is a deeply relaxing holistic practice that treats the mind, body and emotions. Known for unblocking unwanted channels of energy, reflexology can supercharge immunity and positively benefit health levels. Working on a specific area of the body at one time, this zone therapy breaks down any tension in the body by applying direct pressure on specific points using warm oils, balms and bestowing fragrant neroli. By allowing this free flow of physical, mental and spiritual energy once again, the body is able to maintain a healthier balance and heal its own immune system.

Cosy Up Spa Day Package (from £125 per person)

Available through September to November only, this exclusive autumnal spa day invites guest to awaken their senses and truly kick back. Slipping into a fluffy robe upon arrival, guests can spend their morning hopping between the heated vitality spa pool and the Kelo Sauna infused with Eucalyptus milk before taking a dip in the heated swimming pool. Come lunch time, the indulgence continues with a delicious two-course meal where guests can recharge on creative dishes while intimately overlooking the peaceful lake and woodland area. Afterwards, guests will be ready for their 20-minute Hot Rock Shrug massage which relaxes the muscles and mind helping to rebalance guests entire being, before returning back to normality – the ultimate immunity supercharge. This package is also available as a spa break including overnight accommodation in a luxurious five-star suite with breakfast included.
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