Bolt Beauty; Travel light with simplified skincare

Wednesday 02nd Jun 2021 |

Easy, sustainable, hygienic, seaweed skincare drops

Finally it’s time to get our lives back. We’re going out: to the gym, to the park, to our friends, and finally, on that much needed weekend break.

But, we need a beauty routine that can keep up with us. The type we can just throw in our handbag as we bolt out the door, wherever that may be. Enter Bolt Beauty: the sustainable skincare brand that’s here to help you travel light.

A female-led skincare company: Bolt Beauty was founded in the belief that women need products that can keep up with them. By creating the skincare we want, in a format we need, that isn’t wasteful either. Every element of Bolt is built to support our active lifestyle. From its hardworking, simplified skincare routine to its easy to decant biodegradable drops made from seaweed — its zero-waste skincare fit for the gym, the office and even our Jacquemus Chiquito bags. Bolt’s streamlined range of essentials take the guesswork out of good skin, made with tried and tested gentle formulas that really work. 

Bolt beauty

Skincare on-the-go has never been more hassle-free or hygienic. No more mess decanting; no more risk of contamination as we scoop our skincare into unsterilized pots. The encapsulation process also keeps formulas potent for longer, as the seaweed shells protect our skincare from light and oxygen degradation.

Need to refresh and renew after your morning Psycle session? Go for Filthy Clean, a gentle cleanser — the size of a blueberry — that removes makeup, sweat and oil, while leaving skin soft and clean. Dewy, glowing skin for dinner? Opt for Glow Don’t Shine, a dermatologically tested formula that simultaneously mattifies and reduces blemishes followed by Mad About Moisture,  an hydrating powerhouse that sits beautifully under foundation. 

Bolt wants to support women as they lead active lives and challenge gender norms — by removing just one barrier to living life on your own terms. Inspiring women to imagine where life could take them, whether that be travelling more, running a marathon, or simply catching up more often with friends. Good skin should never be an obstacle to ambition and it should be accessible to everyone. That’s why it’s offering you honest, effective skincare in a seamless container that works for every eventuality — empowering women everywhere to start travelling light.

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