Beyond Protein; The ultimate bioavailability booster

Wednesday 06th Oct 2021 |

When it comes to post-workout nutrition, bioavailability is key.

In an increasingly crowded protein powder market, a ‘beyond-protein’ approach can maximise post workout recovery and enhance our overall health.

The key is to consume a carefully formulated blend, combining potent plant-based ingredients with an antioxidant-rich boost. This also allows for increased bioavailability, meaning the body can  process and absorb the all-important amino acids and beneficial antioxidants.


Indi Supplements have created two high-quality protein powder blends, Tone and Build, both elevating the standard protein offering with fine-tuned formulas and no added emulsifiers, sweeteners or individual amino acid isolates. “As a brand, Indi understands the importance of a varied, plant-rich diet and have therefore created their range to act as a diet enhancer, with each product providing an added boost of polyphenols, fibre and diverse plants. This take our dietary diversity to the next level, as opposed to taking a supplement that replaces parts of our whole foods.” explains Indi’s Chief Nutrition Scientist and Nutritionist (Phd), Dr Federica Amati. 

Indi supplements help you achieve optimum nutrition through the highest quality dried and powdered whole plants. High-quality protein from yellow peas and chickpeas work alongside Montmorency Cherries, acting as a post-workout powerhouse to aid muscle recovery and reduce muscle catabolism. In fact, 14 published studies, analysing data of over 300 participants (REF), found that athletes supplementing with Montmorency Cherry before and after exercise showed significant improvements in reduced muscle soreness, inflammation and blood pressure, as well as enhanced performance and recovery. Chickpea and lentil protein have been found to be as effective as animal based proteins in promoting good health (REF) and a large study of over 400,000 adults showed that plant protein consumption is associated with improved heart health compared with animal protein (REF), making a plant based protein supplement the best choice for health-conscious individuals.


Containing real food ingredients that are freeze-dried or dehydrated into concentrated powder form, to retain their nutritional value, Indi delivers minimally processed plant power with every dose. Simply mix one scoop with your favourite plant based milk, or blend in a smoothie for additional nutrient density after a workout, making it easier for the body to absorb any nutrients that are water or fat-soluble.

Indi Build was created to help repair and grow muscle. This high-protein blend contains 23g of plant protein per serving from yellow peas and chickpeas, alongside functional ingredients including Montmorency cherry and Coconut Water Powder for natural electrolyte supplementation. These work together to reduce muscle soreness, increase amino acid availability and speed up recovery with enhanced rehydration. 

Indi Tone was created to speed up muscle recovery and boost fat metabolism. This lean protein blend contains 18g of pea and chickpea protein per serving, carefully combined with antioxidants such as Montmorency cherry, Green Tea Catechin Extract and Pomegranate, to rehydrate the body, reduce muscle soreness and support weight management.

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