Best hairstyles to try this wedding season 

Saturday 08th Jun 2024 |

Whether you are getting ready to tie the knot or have a wedding to attend this season, your hairstyle has the potential to elevate and complete your look.

Hailey Bieber opted for the classic low bun, finished with delicate pearl hair pins, while Paris Hilton went with a timeless mid-height bun updo enhanced with extensions. Model Kate Bock opted for a long, low and wavy ponytail completed with face-framing curls for her wedding day. These hairstyles have been the staple of wedding hair inspiration pictures for years.

Louise Bailey, a hair extensions expert from Beauty Club London, has two decades of experience as a hairstylist specialising in extensions. She has revealed the best hairstyles for this wedding season which can be perfectly enhanced with tape-in extensions.


A sleek half-up half-down hairstyle is the ideal look for those who want a simple and sophisticated hairstyle, while still having their hair down.  

wedding hairstyles

Online searches for the term ‘bride hair down’ have increased by 60 per cent in the last month. This suggests that styles featuring the hair down will be a staple for the upcoming wedding season.  

Celebrities like Beyonce and Camilla Morrone have worn their hair in this style on red carpets. This hairstyle complements mid to long hair, and tape-in extensions perfectly elevate this look to create additional length and volume.

Seamlessly blended hair extensions are essential for this look, to ensure there is absolutely no visibility of the attachment point.

Braided boho

Boho hairstyles are back with a bang, as search interest has spiked by 60 per cent in the last month for boho-inspired hairstyles.  The sudden interest in this 70’s classic may well become the staple style for spring. 

Often characterised by long, wavy hair this style is ideal for a more laid-back wedding. This look can be elevated with a wide range of braid styles.

wedding hairstyles

Boho hairstyles benefit from loads of thick hair, so hair extensions are often a must for creating a striking look. Seamlessly blended extensions can ensure that the extensions are not visible at the attachment point at all – creating the illusion of naturally thick braids.

If you prefer to have all your hair up, opt for a textured braid crown. This is a stunning look created by two textured braids which are pinned up to create a crown. Celebrities such as Shay Mitchell and Ciara regularly turn to this trendy style. More recently, this look has been accentuated by flowers or decorative pins.

With the addition of hair extensions, you’ll be able to create a long, thick braid that makes a striking impact.  For wedding guests, this hairstyle is perfect for creating a dramatic look, without needing a professional stylist.

Hollywood waves

Tight curls used to be the go-to for wedding hair, but more recently this has been replaced by Hollywood waves. These soft, structured waves are perfect for adding some old-school glamour to your look. Interest in this style has increased dramatically in the last two years, with a 22 per cent increase in search interest in the past month.

This hairstyle often includes a dramatic side part and can be accentuated with a decorative clip or pearl hair gems. Hollywood waves are known for their sleek, shiny finish, which can be achieved with the right styling products. A light serum or shine spray can help to create the polished, glossy look that is characteristic of this style.

wedding hairstyles

This look is typically associated with long, thick hair so opt for hair extensions to get the desired impact. For those with shorter or finer hair, extensions can provide the necessary fullness and body to achieve the classic Hollywood waves.

Sleek and low

Low and sleek buns and ponytails have dramatically risen in popularity recently – with many brides opting for a simple and sophisticated hairdo. This is a gorgeous look for both wedding guests and brides who want a low-maintenance hairstyle for a special day.

Interest in ‘sleek, low buns’ has grown dramatically, with a 50 per cent increase in searches in the past month. Influencer, Sophia Richie, opted for this look, which perfectly complemented a halter neck dress.

This hairstyle has lots of potential when enhanced with hair extensions. You can style it as a slick long ponytail, that can accentuate a dress with a dramatic plunging back. Alternatively, opt for a smooth bun or chignon. This hairstyle can look lacklustre if you don’t have naturally thick, long hair – so consider adding extensions to create a dramatic look.

To get the desired sleekness, you’ll want to ensure that a smoothing serum or cream is used to tame any flyaways. Simple, loose curls are a perfect addition if you prefer face-framing pieces.

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