Beauty Pods From Reduit; You need this in your life

Thursday 06th May 2021 |


With pod beauty devices making waves, consumers now have the ability to develop personalised products and routines at home. 

High tech beauty gadgets like the RÉDUIT UNI designed for use with the Reduit Skinpods and hairpods provides weightless and precise treatments in the form of ultra-fine mist, allowing the user to get salon worthy results at home.

Beauty Pods From Reduit

Using a unique misting technology that disperses product over the hair or skin, the highly concentrated formulas ensure perfect coverage so not one iota of product goes to waste and not one millimetre of skin or hair misses out on those transformative ingredients. It also makes the entire process more environmentally friendly as not only do the pods require less packaging, but there’s also less waste overall.

With pod style devices here to stay, discover the best-selling treatment pods revolutionising our beauty regimes:

Beauty Pods From Reduit – SKINCARE

Precision Shield Skinpod™ – Skin Protection Treatment – £28.90

Precision Shield protects and soothes your skin after exposure to environmental aggressors, saltwater, wind and hydrates during sun exposure. With powerful antioxidants derived from Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract that neutralize free radicals, soothing allantoin to relieve inflammation. Precision Shield creates a protective barrier to provide all you need to protect your skin against environmental aggressors.

Pearl Diffusion Skinpod™ – Skin Brightening Treatment – £41.90

Pearl Diffusion is a hydrating and brightening treatment for skin, designed to even out skin tone, brighten, and revive the appearance of tired, dull skin. Pearl Diffusion has been specially formulated with Niacinamide to tackle dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin in general, and give your skin a healthy glow. Enriched with green LED Pearl Diffusion regulates melanin production and reduces redness and pigmentation. Helps in evening complexion for brighter-looking skin. Calms the skin and grease secretion. With Niacinamide to target hyperpigmentation and dark spots, this treatment will smooth your skin and make it look healthier and brighter.

Beauty Pods From Reduit

Beauty Pods From Reduit – HAIRCARE

Precision Conditioner LED Hairpod™ – Conditioning Hair Treatment – £27.90

The Precision Conditioner LED Hairpod™ helps weightlessly protect, repair, and renew hair in just seconds while using targeted blue LED therapy to ensure the longevity of your hair and scalp. The pod infuses the hair fibre with the purest actives right where they’re needed, protecting hair from everyday heat styling for an air-light, frizz-free finish that lasts. Blue LED light produces a calming effect by reducing inflammation, targets harmful bacteria and creates a skin-tightening effect to transform your hair from within.

Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod™ – High Shine Hair Treatment – £27.90

What if you could infuse hair with lustrous shine in just seconds? The Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod™ does just that. This nourishing hair treatment works to bring shine and tame flyaways, transforming hair instantly and leaving it radiant, soft, and sleek. The Shine Diffusion formula takes a purer form of the industry’s premium shine ingredient, then applies a unique delivery system to drive it deep within the hair and give you professional results in minutes. Optimized magnetic misting and sonic pulsations work together to deliver heightened performance for your shiniest, silkiest hair yet. A touch of green LED helps keep sebaceous glands under control to maintain the health of your scalp, while giving your hair a beautiful shine.

To keep the sustainability circle going, RÉDUIT also offer a Return & Renew Program that encourages users to recycle their Skinpods and Hairpods when empty. Simply collect at least four, send them back for RÉDUIT to recycle and you’ll receive a free pod of your choice with your next purchase.

The Reduit UNI costs £89 and is available exclusively from

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