Bad Breath; Datings kiss of death

Wednesday 15th Sep 2021 |

According to the Oral Health Foundation, 80% of people would not go on a second date with someone if they had bad breath on the first date. 

Luckily, the experts at Doop have researched and revealed a list of simple things you can do to keep your breath fresh and odour-free on your next date. 

After all, the fresher your mouth, the more likely your chances are to bag a first kiss and the all-important second date.

Before the date: 

  1. Oral Pampering

The clothes have been chosen, the hair has been styled. So, why not include your mouth in your pre-date pimping? You undoubtedly cleaned your teeth when you got up but it never hurts to brush them again before you leave the house.

  1. Clean your tongue 

Using a tongue scraper is a great way to remove the bacteria on your tongue before your date. Just like teeth, the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria that causes bad breath, so if you don’t brush it, they will multiply throughout the date.

During the date: 

  1. Carefully select your meal

Some options on the menu may help prevent bad breath, such as probiotics commonly found in yoghurt or citric acid that activate your salivary glands. According to Dr Suril Amin from The Denture & Implant Clinic, garlic and onion are foods that should be avoided in a bid to keep your breath fresher for longer.

  1. Remember after-meal care

Dental floss is tiny enough to fit between your teeth and gums yet powerful enough to remove plaque, bacteria, and food particles. Keep some minty floss in your handbag or pocket so you may slip into the restroom after your meal to floss and remove any food which is still in your mouth. 

Dr Suril Amin from The Denture & Implant Clinic said: ‘’Some people have issues with food getting stuck between teeth, and there are interdental cleaning aids such as floss and tepe brushes that can be carried around to help prevent this.’’

  1. Drink Lots of Water

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks can cause your mouth to dry which can lead to unpleasant and stale breath. Drinking water also helps wash away particles of food and bacteria that build up in your mouth, as well as playing a big part in maintaining fresh breath.

  1. Chew a Mint or sugar-free gum

Pick up some mints or gum to aid with your bad breath if you’re searching for a quick fix. Gum and mints help to promote saliva production, which helps to wash away bacteria in the mouth, with mint flavoured gums being more effective in masking unpleasant breath.
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