Back to the Beauty Salon; Save jobs AND your mental health

Wednesday 16th Jun 2021 |

The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) are urging people to ‘Book in for Beauty’ to secure the future of the salons they love while improving their own wellbeing – an initiative supported by long standing BABTAC member and Skincare guru Caroline Hirons. 

Research has shown that over 7,300+ beauty salons have gone out of business since March 2020 while 46% of remaining businesses report they’re unsure if their company will survive*.  Further research has also found that 1 in 6 redundancies have already taken place in our sector and only 40% of businesses could rule out further redundancies after furlough ends. 

Back to the Beauty Salon – Why do people still feel hesitant to go back for their beauty treatments?

We’ve spent the last year adjusting to the advice that being in close proximity to others, (especially indoors) is not safe.   We’ve become used to our new world, and it can be hard to imagine how we navigated things like we did before. Change is hard for many people, and for some, it could seem easier to stay as they are.  

Back to the Beauty Salon

Back to the Beauty Salon – BUT not booking in could be detrimental to your mental health  

According to The Mental Health Foundation, 42% of the UK population are currently experiencing worry or anxiety. Some of this could be down to a lack of human touch and interaction.  

While it is perfectly natural for all of us to have off days, if they are prolonged, this could lead to stronger feelings of depression and anxiety.  Something as simple as having your hair done or putting your make up on can make you feel like a new person. So it’s definitely time to get booking those beauty treatments! 

BABTAC CEO and Chair Lesley Blair says, “Constantly having to stay at home has discouraged the need for personal grooming, which could play a factor in rising anxiety levels. When we feel low, sick, or tired, we also tend to stop focusing on self-care , which can affect our confidence” She adds “Generally, when we take pride in our appearance, it boosts our confidence and makes us feel happier.” 

Caroline Hirons, beauty expert and founder of the Beauty Backed Trust says, “it’s clear something needs to change to avoid further business closures and people losing their jobs. Yes of course, people will be cutting back their spending and yes of course, people are still concerned for their safety, but provided you chose a professional salon, well experienced in ensuring the highest levels of health and safety, like a BABTAC verified one, then rest assured, it is not only safe to do so but will benefit your overall wellbeing.”  

Lesly Blair adds, “BABTAC is supporting salons to ensure that the experiences within them still feels special for the client, despite the stricter protocols. We’re also urging salons now more than ever to really consider both the physical and mental wellbeing of their clients. Adjusting your treatment menu to cater for their changing needs is a great first step to make people more inclined to book back in”.  

Back to the Beauty Salon – How do I know if my salon is safe?  

Still not sure how you feel about popping in for a pedicure? BABTAC want you to feel confident that it’s completely acceptable to check what your chosen venue has in place. 

If you want to know what salons should be doing? You can read the latest government guidelines for beauty services here. 

Back to the Beauty Salon

Back to the Beauty Salon – Which salons are safe?  

BABTAC CEO and Chair Lesley Blair says, “BABTAC ‘Qualified, Verified & Insured’ salons & therapists have always maintained the highest standards of professionalism and hygiene, even before the pandemic and therefore well experienced in following stringent health and safety protocols . Of course, with strict government guidelines, they have had to, but these businesses are not only following the government advice, but going above and beyond to ensure the safety of all their staff and clients.  

Back to the Beauty Salon – Who is BABTAC? Why can you trust them?  

As a not-for-profit organisation and one of the UK’s leading membership organisations and insurance providers set up to raise the level of professionalism in the beauty, holistic and hair industries, BABTAC (British Assocation of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) tirelessly continues to campaign for the introduction of a suitable form of regulation while currently self-regulating their own members. All with the objective of protecting the public, as well as giving reputable professionals the recognition they deserve. Living by their moto ‘Qualified, Verified, Insured’.  *NHBF statistic  

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