Babur: An Indian expedition rooted in tradition

Friday 24th Nov 2023 |

For nearly four decades, Babur has been a cherished cornerstone of South East London’s unique restaurant scene. Known for its unwavering commitment to evolving menus, Babur stands as a multifaceted gem that has not only stood the test of time but continues to shine brighter with the launch of a brilliant new a la carte menu that exemplifies its originality. 

Babur has always been synonymous with excellence in Indian cuisine and most notably, was awarded ‘Best Indian Restaurant in London’ at the UK’s Asian Restaurant Awards 2023 and ‘Best Fine Dining Restaurant’ at the Asian Curry Awards 2023. 

Executive Chef Jiwan Lal, Sous Chef Praveen Kumar Gupta and the talented culinary team, have spent the summer researching and experimenting with flavours from their home states of India to create a bold new a la carte menu for Autumn. 

With each dish expertly matched to its partner in wine, begin your culinary journey through India with newcomers such as: 

Scallops Chanachur 

Layers, Peter Lehman 2021, Adelaide, Australia

Grilled scallops served with spiced Bombay mix and nimbu pani gel, a refreshing and zesty dish

Tulsi Malai Chicken Tikka 

Croze Hermitage Blanc, Domaine Combat 2019, Rhône Valley, France

Basil-spiced chicken tikka marinated in yogurt and white pepper, offering a perfect blend of creamy and spicy flavors

Mains continue the spice trail with inventive dishes such as: 

Punjabi Stone Bass 

Grunner Veltliner, Weingut Waldschütz 2021, Kamptal, Austria

Spiced stone bass accompanied by chana masala, yogurt kadhi, and papaya plastic chutney, offering a fusion of textures and tastes.

Garam Masala Duck 

Croze Hermitage Blanc, Domaine Combat 2019, Rhône Valley, France

Valpolicella Classico DOC, Le Bertarole 2022, Verona, Italy

Experience the richness of Gressingham duck served with rainbow quinoa khichdi and a luscious orange jus 

Champaran Gosht 

Primitivo, 62nd Anniversary Reserva 2018, San Marzano, Puglia, Italy

Kid lamb on the bone, slow-cooked to perfection in a clay pot, seasoned with rustic garam masala and whole garlic, a dish that pays homage to Chef Praveen’s homestate of Bihar. 

Finish your meal on a gorgeously sweet note with desserts such as:

Black cardamom fig kheer

Passito di Pantelleria, Italy

Classic Indian rice pudding, caramelized figs, silver leaf

Pistachio kulfi

Orange Muscat Essencia

White chocolate soil and pistachio tuiles

Babur Signature platter

Orange Muscat Essencia

Spiced apricot and fig crumble, stem ginger and honey kulfi, raspberry sorbet, chocolate gelato, praline dust, mixed berry compote

Listening to its customers has become key to Babur’s success, so much so that guests can even get involved with menu development.  The Tasting Group gives customers a sneak preview and genuine say in what dishes will feature on upcoming menus. Simply sign up and every few months a group of tasters will be invited to come for an afternoon’s session of delicious dish tasting all in exchange for honest feedback. 

Available now, visit to experience the flavours, traditions and innovation that have made Babur a suburban jewel worth the journey. 


119 Brockley Rise, Forest Hill, London SE23 1JP