Another Benefit To Collagen; Skin, Hair & Body

Monday 26th Feb 2024 |

Expert shares the secret step missing from your gym routine 

–        Searches for ‘collagen for muscle recovery’ have risen by 50% over the last 3 months.

–        Dr Dave Reilly, Head Scientist at Absolute Collagen, explains how collagen can support your gym and protein goals 

Reminders to hit your protein goals are everywhere in the fitness space, and it’s no surprise why. 

Protein is an essential macronutrient for helping the body grow and repair, important to everyone but especially those going to the gym and working out regularly. 


And while many people will have turned to whey protein or upped their lean meat intake, there’s another ingredient that could make all the difference – collagen. Although typically known for its hair and skin benefits, collagen can also support the body’s inner workings of our muscles and ligaments. 

But it seems people are increasingly curious as to how it can support gym efforts, with searches for ‘collagen for muscle recovery’ rising by 50% over the last three months and ‘collagen protein powder’ increasing by 30% in the last year. 

So, whether you’re working towards gaining mass, losing weight, or simply maintaining your current physique, Dr Dave Reilly, Head Scientist at Absolute Collagen has explained how collagen supplements can have a positive impact on your training routine. 

“Amino acids are what the body needs to make up protein. Some amino acids are produced by the body and others can only be taken from our diet, either in animal-based protein sources such as meat, dairy, and eggs, or plant protein sources such as beans, lentils, and seeds. 

“Supplements, like whey powder, are often used to increase protein consumption. However, collagen is one of the often-overlooked supplements that people don’t realise can support the body’s functions when working out. 

“The most abundant protein in the body, collagen contains the amino acids that are vital for tissue and muscle growth – helping support your gym gains. It also preserves lean muscle mass and strengthens your bone and ligament health, which can help prevent injury and aid recovery. It should help ease any sore and achy muscles after a big training session. 

“Collagen itself contains eight essential amino acids, which need to be supplied through a healthy and balanced diet. Your body naturally produces less and less collagen as you age, which is why supplements are a great way to boost your levels. 


“I’d always recommend opting for a hydrolysed collagen supplement as these are easily digested by the body, absorbing quickly and efficiently. 

“A great tip to maximise your protein intake is to take liquid collagen alongside whey or pea protein. Simply take an hour before or after having any high-protein meals or shakes, to ensure optimal absorption.” 

To shop liquid collagen supplements or for more information on the health benefits of collagen, visit the Absolute Collagen website

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