Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide; Love is in the air

Monday 01st Feb 2021 |

Surprise your loved ones with an alternative Valentine’s Day gift this year.

Great for that someone special or a friend that needs cheering up during lockdown!

Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide – A HEART WITH A TWIST   NEW!
Scalloped Heart in Jute Bag £6.95

A heart with a twist! This gorgeous scalloped heart is made from a unique seed paper. Handcrafted from recycled materials, the paper contains inclusions of petals and wildflower seeds. When ‘planted’ the paper breaks down into the soil – and the seeds germinate to produce beautiful seedlings! Ideal as a token of love or friendship. 

Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide – CREATE A UNIQUE KEEPSAKE   NEW! Heart Weave-me card £6.95

A unique Valentine’s card that will pull at the heart strings! Our Heart weave-me card can be crafted personally for your loved one, making the perfect keepscake. The pattern of holes allows each design to be woven in a myriad of ways, so you can create a unique design for your Valentine, straight from the heart. 

Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide – ALTERNATIVE VALENTINE’S
Robin Plantable Card £5.50

A stunning greeting card featuring a sparkling robin and red berries in a snowy woodland scene. The perfect alternative Valentine’s card for anyone who doesn’t like the sentimental stuff! Delicately lasercut from our unique seed paper, the robin is embedded with sparkling gold mica flakes and wildflower seeds. When ‘planted’ the paper will break down into the soil – and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings!

Alternative Valentine’s Gift Guide – FOR THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL   NEW! Plantable Hearts Box £22.50

Our brand new Plantable Hearts Box is the perfect gift for that someone extra special! Each box contains a dozen gorgeous petal infused hearts in pink and red, which can be planted to grow wildflowers.
DON’T buy last minute flowers. DO buy them sustainable plantable hearts!