Altamura Vodka Revives the Three Martini Lunch

Tuesday 17th Oct 2023 |

Not long ago it was entirely acceptable, and commonplace, to enjoy three full-strength Martinis over the course of a leisurely lunch. Times may have changed, but that’s no reason to leave this indulgent tradition in the past.

Altamura Distilleries
has teamed up with Michelin-starred Italian restaurant LUCA to revive
the Three Martini Lunch during this year’s London Cocktail Week (LCW), offering a
selection of three different Martinis. Throughout Cocktail Week (12 – 22 October 2023),
lunch to dinner, a flight of all three Martinis, in miniature form, alongside full-size serves of
each variety, will be available within the bar and restaurant for any guest with a LCW

The three Martinis, entitled Nostalgia, Contemporaneo and Futura, are all made with
Altamura Vodka, produced in Italy’s Puglia region from ancient Altamura wheat. The
Nostalgia Martini (Altamura Vodka, Vault Coastal, Dry Vermouth, Oyster leaf) will also join
the cocktail list for the week, ensuring everyone is able to enjoy.

Renowned for its contemporary take on Italian cuisine, the food at LUCA, overseen by
executive chef Rob Chambers, observes the traditions of Italian cooking, but breaks the
rules a little with British twists, to deliver a menu of modern classics.

“I think the martini will always be one of the most iconic and evocative cocktails of all
times. Served in its eponymous glass with the perfect garnish, just seeing the drink brought
to the table starts the delight of experience. While there is amazing genius and creativity in
modern day cocktails many of which combine the techniques of the kitchen with that of the
bar. there is something timeless and comfortable about the simplicity of the martini.”

Evoking images of long, indulgent lunches, Mad Men-style, the three-Martini lunch emerged
in the mid-20th century, the preserve of businessmen and advertising execs making the
most of their expense accounts. In its heyday, it represented sophistication and success,
but became less widespread amid criticism not only of the quantities of alcohol consumed,
but tax breaks for business meals too.

Today, Altamura Distilleries and LUCA have updated the tradition for the modern day, with three innovative takes on the classic cocktail, in responsible sizes, perfect alongside LUCA’s dishes that champion incredible ingredients through an Italian lens.

Altamura Vodka is made from the same ancient grains used to produce Pane di Altamura,
the world’s only bread with a denomination of origin (DOP), and celebrated for over 2,000
years. This revered durum wheat gives Altamura Vodka its distinctive character, resulting in
a vodka that is elegant and refined.

Altamura Distilleries x Luca Three Martini Lunch Revival Cocktails:

Altamura Vodka, Vault Coastal Dry Vermouth, Oyster leaf
Altamura Vodka, Pane di Altamura, Tomato, Baldoria Umami Vermouth
Altamura Vodka, Romate Palo Cortado, Tobacco

All three available as full-size serves for £8 each, or as a flight of three mini-Martinis for £8.