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Advanced social listening tools – full list

Wednesday 29th Jun 2022 |

Making the most of social media is not a stroke of luck. It requires serious work and commitment to track your social success. In order for this to happen, you need an efficient social listening tool. Such a tool allows you to keep an eye on your social media performance. This way, you can know what to present to your audience on your social channels.

Your tool lets you prepare ideas not only for present content but for future ones as well. There are some tools that can give an insight into your performance in the past, so you can learn from your mistakes.

The importance of social media listening 

Social media listening is not a luxury. It is something you can rely on to improve your overall performance with your fans all over social media. Just like in real life, when you listen to someone, you know their needs, expectations, and problems. When you listen to your social media audience, you will be able to take the proper action to keep them happy. Social listening can’t be done by asking each member of your target audience about their perception of your brand. Also, your social media team can’t go around all over the social media reading all comments and mentions to know their nature. But there are efficient listening tools using advanced technology to do all this and more.

Before you buy the first tool you find online, you should know that they offer different levels of service and features. For instance, there are tools that can only work on written mentions and turn them into analyzed data. Other tools can detect mentions through pictures or brand logos. And the differences can go on forever. So, before you make your final decision, you should determine exactly what you need from a social media tool. Here is a list of the best social listening tools that have advanced features:

  1. SentiOne:

SentiOne is an AI social media listening tool that works for the broad spectrum collection of social data. This tool integrates with the majority of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more. SentiOne has advanced algorithms that collect relevant data from various sources outside social media, such as news websites, blogs, podcasts, and portals. After collecting the required data, the tool performs analysis to give you insights on your performance and the audience’s reactions to your posts and your brand name in general.

With SentiOne, you get to manage several social media pages simultaneously. This tool supports more than 20 different languages. Also, SentiOne is one of the few tools to work on collecting mention data from TikTok.

And the first package is called the Team Plan, which costs 299 bucks. As for the enterprise plan, you can find out its price upon request, as the price is determined individually.

  1. Brandwatch

The tool uses advanced techniques to give you useful insights into your audience. For instance, the analytic reports show the essential information about the audience, such as their geolocation, age, and jobs. Such data helps you understand your followers and fans better.

The tool is capable of detecting data from over 80 million websites. Brandwatch is also capable of reading through images to detect the presence of your business logo, which counts as a mention.

Brandwatch works for the needs of a mid-sized or large business. The tool is pricy, and its basic plan costs $800 per month. There are more expensive packages with improved features too. 

  1. NetBase Quid 

Another advanced social media listening tool that has a lot to offer.  This tool does not only provide current insights on social performance, but it offers the option of looking backward as well. This way, you can get a full image of your social media perception. The tool is also efficient in collecting consumers’ interests, occupational info, gender, age category, and geographical area.

  1. Talkwalker 

If you want a useful tool for your PR work, this tool can be truly useful. Talkwalker is backed by AI technology. This allows the tool to go the extra mile in collecting and analysing social media data. For instance, Talkwalker can analyze data from text mentions, comments, and images. The tool can detect mentions of video content and include it in the analytic reports and charts.

  1. Mention

Mention is very simple to use through its user-friendly interface. You can input specific keywords that you want the tool to track and analyze. The tool’s settings allow you to limit your tracking results to specific geo-areas and social platforms that you are really interested in. Mention can notify you whenever there is a change in the rhythm of your usual mention. So, for instance, if your brand is under attack, there would be numerous mentions or hashtags relevant to you. Mention will instantly notify you about this major change. This way, you can take some proper action. Mention can be a good match for a small business looking for some advanced monitoring and listening features.

  1. Meltwater 

It is one of the most popular social listening tools with AI-backed features. The tool is programmed to collect and process data about your audience and your brand’s performance all over the web. This way, you can use the data to plan successful marketing campaigns and post engaging content. You can benefit from Meltwater by managing your social pages and channels without using multiple apps. Meltwater gives you the option of social scheduling and publishing through the same platform.

  1. Sprout Social 

This is a smart tool for collecting and processing online and social data. The tool works just fine on important social media apps and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Feedly and various others. The tool provides you with analytic reports and charts. You can use it to improve CRM and overall customer support performance. Another important feature of Sprout Social is that it allows users to control and handle their social content on various platforms without the need to log in to different apps.

There are 3 packages offered by this company. The standard plan costs 99 bucks each month. The professional package is 149 bucks a month. As for the premium package, it is called the advanced plan and costs 249 bucks per month.