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A Taste of Rajasthan at Bombay Delight

Wednesday 10th Apr 2024 |

Bombay Delight, renowned for infusing the vibrant flavours of India into the heart of Wimbledon, is excited to announce the launch of its new limited-edition Rajasthani menu. 

Drawing inspiration from the majestic landscapes and royal heritage of Rajasthan, this exclusive menu is a celebration of authenticity, offering guests a deep dive into the rich cultural and culinary traditions of the “Land of Kings”. Bombay Delight is set to transform your dining experience into an authentic Indian feast, inviting you to eat, drink, and enjoy the warm hospitality India is known for. 

Rajasthan’s grandeur and opulence are mirrored in its diverse culinary offerings, as varied and vibrant as its storied past. From the sun-drenched deserts to grand palaces and forts, each dish on Bombay Delight’s Rajasthani menu is a homage to the royal era and the resilience of its people. With an aim to capture the essence of this rich heritage, Bombay Delight presents a menu that is as regal as it is comforting.

The Culinary Expedition Begins…

Start your journey with a mix of crunch, spice, and all things nice. Indulge in a beloved Rajasthani snack – Khasta Kachori – a flaky, deep fried pastry filled with a spicy mix of lentils, topped with yoghurt, chutneys, and pomegranate seeds. The Moong Dal Pakudi, a vegan-friendly snack, is made with moong lentils and fried until golden. The Jodhpuri Mirchi Vada is a popular street food dish that gives a spicy kick with chilli peppers stuffed with potato filling. 

Seafood lovers can savour the Surmai Ke Sooley is a delicacy, made with surmai fish marinated in a mix of spices, then pan fried, whilst meat enthusiasts will enjoy Rajputana Lamb Chops marinated traditional Rajasthani spices and grilled to perfection.

A Royal Main Course

The main course is a parade of Rajasthani classics that will transport you to the heart of royal kitchens. Brace yourself for the fiery Lal Maas, a lamb curry for those who dare to challenge their spice thresholds. The creamy Jaipuri Safed Kukkad Korma, a luxurious dish from Jaipur and the richly spiced Bhuna Kukkad, a hearty chicken dish, offer a soothing counterpoint to the heat. 

Vegetarian specialties like the Dal Bati Churma, a classic Rajasthani vegetarian meal, Marwadi Paneer, a rustic dish from the Marwar region and Gatte ki Sabzi, a flavourful, gravy-based dish featuring chickpea flour dumplings cooked in a spicy and tangy yoghurt-based sauce, all turn simple ingredients into a feast fit for royalty.

The Perfect Ending

End your meal on a sweet note with traditional Rajasthani desserts. The Ginger Kulfi, Kala Jamun, and Sweet Potato Halwa will leave a lasting taste of Rajasthan’s culinary heritage. 

Buckle up and get ready for a culinary journey as Bombay Delight invites you to experience the regal flavours of Rajasthan, right here in the heart of Wimbledon.