A little bit of love with Flapjackery

A little bit of love with Flapjackery

Monday 08th Jan 2024 |

Famous for its gluten free flapjacks, Flapjackery has a standout collection this Valentine’s Day that will have loved one’s licking their lips in sugary joy.

Created by Flapjackery in their kitchens on the edge of Dartmoor in west Devon, these mouth-watering gluten-free chunks of sugary joy are laden in golden syrup and have just enough crunch, with the perfect amount of crumble, and absolutely no chewiness at all.

Packed full of the finest British Oats, and loaded with the most delectable flavours, Flapjackery’s luxury flapjacks are a celebration of oaty goodness that are sure to please this Valentine’s Day.

With a shelf life of up to two months and packed in a recyclable box to pop through the letterbox, these are the perfect gift for your loved one.

Flapjackery’s Valentine’s Day Highlights

 Love You and Be My Valentines’ Flapjacks (8 or 12 giant flapjacks from £34)

Flapjackery Love You flapjack with 8 giant pieces of flapjack

Create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day moment with this personalised gift – a huge slab of Millionaire Flapjack, equivalent to four individual pieces, adorned with an exquisite white chocolate inscription with the words ‘Love You’ or ‘Be My Valentine’ to add a personal touch or personalise with your own message. Surrounding this centerpiece are eight additional pieces from Flapjackery, boasting decadent and unusual flavours.

Alternatively, opt for a smaller box, with four or two extra pieces of flapjack for a gorgeous celebration of love. This heartfelt treat promises to add sweetness and sentiment to your Valentine’s Day.

They are all gluten-free with a shelf life of two months and you can pop them in the freezer too.

Trio or Six Valentine’s Day Flapjacks (3 flapjacks from £12.50)

This Valentine’s Day, delight your sweet-toothed loved one with a trio of hand-made flapjacks from Flapjackery, made using the finest British ingredients.

Arranged side by side in their eco-friendly box, these mouth-watering gluten-free treats include the tempting Salted Caramel Brownie, the delightful Raspberry and White Chocolate, and the indulgent Millionaires Flapjack topped with a charming white chocolate heart.

Experience the perfect harmony of golden syrup sweetness, a satisfying crunch, and just the right crumble, all without a hint of chewiness. These gluten-free flapjacks boast a shelf life of two months and are freezer-friendly for added convenience.

Make this Valentine’s Day truly special by presenting a delicious variety of flavors from Flapjackery, a heartfelt expression of love through exceptional taste.

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