9 Things to Consider When Shopping for Engagement Rings 

Sunday 13th Mar 2022 |

Did you know that although engagement rings have been around for thousands of years, the first diamond engagement ring only appeared in 1477, and diamond rings didn’t become popular until the 1940s? 

Although diamond engagement rings remain among the most popular types of engagement rings, there is a whole world of options available.  If you’re looking for an engagement ring, there are some essential things you need to consider before making your purchase. 

Read on as we take a look at some of the most important considerations when buying engagement rings for women. 

  1. Lifestyle

Before you think about what style of ring to choose, you need to take into account your partner’s lifestyle. 

An engagement ring is intended to be worn every day for years to come. Many women don’t like to remove their engagement ring frequently, so it’s important to think about your partner’s lifestyle and how different types of rings may impact her on a daily basis. 

Does she do a lot of work with her hands or work in a healthcare setting? If so, a ring with a raised stone could easily get knocked or scratch people she is working with. If her work means her hands get dirty, then you’ll want to choose a ring that is easy to clean. 

If she plays a lot of sport that you may want to consider a ring that she won’t need to remove every time she plays. 

  1. Fashion Style

You also want to choose a ring that blends with her fashion style. 

If your partner usually rocks a vintage look, then vintage engagement rings are going to go far better with her style than an ultra-modern ring would. On the other hand, if she’s always to be found in the very latest fashions, then a vintage ring is probably going to look a little out of place. 

You want to choose a ring that she can wear with most of her outfits without it standing out. 

  1. Stone

As mentioned above, diamonds are one of the most popular stones for wedding rings, but they are far from your only option. 

There are many unique engagement rings that use different stones such as sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. Even with diamonds, you don’t have to opt for the traditional white diamond. Check out this Black Diamonds site, for example, for a truly unique look. 

Once again, you need to consider how well different types of stones would fit with your partner’s style and lifestyle. 

  1. The Four Cs

If you are going to choose a diamond, you’ll need to know what to look for. That’s where the four Cs come in. These are important measures that can help you to determine the quality of a diamond. 

Cut  – The cut of a diamond gives a grade for how well the diamond has been cut. The better the cut, the better the diamond will catch and reflect the light, giving it that unique diamond sparkle.  

Color  – The color gives a measure of the color of the diamond. Colorless diamonds are the rarest, and the most in-demand. There are other natural colors of diamonds, including pink, red, and blue. 

Clarity  – This is a measure of any blemishes or irregularities the diamond contains. The more flawless the diamond, the more expensive the stone will be. Most of these blemishes are not visible to the naked eye. 

Carat  – This is a measure of the weight of the diamond, which corresponds with its size. One carat is equivalent to a fifth of a gram. 

Understanding the four Cs is just the beginning of your diamond education. For those considering the convenience and variety of buying a diamond online, Teach Jewelry offers comprehensive resources to help you become well-informed about your purchase. Their guides cover everything from the nuances of diamond grading to savvy online shopping strategies, ensuring you make a confident and educated decision.

  1. Shape

Another consideration is the shape of the stone. 

Round cuts are the most common, and usually the most expensive too. There are other options, however. Some other popular shapes include: 

  • pear 
  • marquise 
  • princess 
  • emerald 
  • oval 
  • radiant 

If you’re looking for a larger diamond, you can usually get more carats for a similar price if you opt for a something other than a round shape. 

  1. Setting

The setting is the way that the stone is mounted onto the band. 

One of the most iconic types of setting is the Tiffany setting, in which the diamond sits enclosed in six prongs that lift the diamond above the band.  

Other setting styles include: 

  • Bezel 
  • Tension 
  • Channel 
  • Pavé 
  • Halo 
  • Cluster 
  • Cathedral 
  • Flush 

Once again, your partner’s style and lifestyle will influence the setting choice. A flush setting, for example, is a good choice for someone who uses their hands a lot and doesn’t want to be constantly catching a protruding stone on things. 

  1. Metals

You have a wide range of options for the metal you choose for your engagement ring, and often the decision will be influenced by the stone. 

The most popular metals are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, but there are many other options available. You want to choose a metal that complements your stone, but you should also consider your partner’s style, too. If she wears a lot of silver jewelry than a yellow gold ring may look out of place. 

  1. The Wedding Band

Engagement rings for women are usually only worn alone for the duration of the engagement. When the big day comes, the engagement ring will be joined by the wedding band. 

You want to be sure that the wedding band and engagement ring complement each other. A yellow gold wedding band with a platinum engagement ring might not be the best combination, for example. 

  1. Cost

The final factor in your decision will be the cost of the engagement ring. There are all sorts of ‘rules’ about how much you should spend on an engagement ring, but choosing the right ring is far more important than choosing a ring that costs a specific amount. 

Set a budget before you start shopping, but if you find the perfect ring that isn’t at the full range of your budget, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. 

Are You Shopping for Different Types of Engagement Rings?  

If you’re looking for different types of engagement rings then we hope that this article has given you some useful tips to help in your search. Remember that an engagement ring is intended to be for life, so you want to be sure you make the right choice. It’s much better to go shopping with some ideas in mind so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice. 

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