7 Tips for Finding The Top Probiotic Supplements Online 

Monday 27th Jun 2022 |

When thinking about bacteria, it is hard to avoid applying a negative connotation to this concept. After all, aren’t they the cause of many illnesses and diseases? Yes, they are. 

However, the answer is partially true. Our body is full of bacteria, both harmful and beneficial. With this in mind, there is a bacteria group called Probiotics, which are part of the “good” bacteria category. 

Probiotics help treat diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome, among other health problems. They also prevent colds, and allergies, and boost the immune system. It seems Probiotics are essential for our bodies; therefore, many adults supplement them in their diets. 

If you are unsure how to look for the top supplements, you are on the right site. Here are 7 tips to find the absolute best Probiotic supplements online. 

Check For Billions 

A Probiotic dose contains organisms – lots of them. The amount of bacteria a dose has is measured with a unit called CFUs, an abbreviation for colony-forming units. 

When finding Probiotic supplements online, check that the CFUs reach a “billion” number. In other words, avoid supplements that only have millions in their units. 

Believe it or not, a number in millions is in fact too low for a supplement. Therefore, go with the billions: 5 billion, 10 billion, 40 billion, etc. The higher the number, the more powerful the dose. 

Didn’t Work? Here’s Your Money 

A green flag when purchasing supplements online is the “money-back guarantee.” When a specific product doesn’t fulfill the client’s expectations, the client deserves a refund. This is a good sign because of two reasons: 

First, it is prioritizing client satisfaction at all costs. In other words, it is the classic “the customer is always right.” Customers don’t want to pay for something they won’t use, but companies don’t want to risk their reputation either. 

Second, refunds mean that companies trust their products. They know they are not developing low-quality supplements, so clients will rarely ask for their money back. 

This logic applies to brands that accept unopened products as well. Once again, if you don’t use it, why should you pay for it?  


Nothing screams quality more than customer reviews. Of course, we are not referring to high-quality solely, but also to low-quality. See, if a product is a failure, clients complain. On the contrary, if a product is the best of the best, clients recommend it. It works as simple as it sounds. 

In the internet era, no brand or company is safe from customers’ public opinion. This means that if a product is a fraud, reviews most likely reveal it. The other part is true also: if the product is factual, most reviews are positive. All in all, stick to products with a majority of four-star or five-star reviews. 

Find Diversity 

Probiotic supplements should have multiple species. The more strains it has, the better. The reason is simple: having a diverse amount (and type) of bacteria in our organism makes for a more resilient and efficient microbiome.   

Now, the question is, how can you distinguish Probiotic supplements with diverse species from those that lack variety? It’s simple. These products always come with a list of the strains they contain. 

They have names such as Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus thermophilus, etc. You will find high-quality probiotics at SFGate.com, that provide examples of what we are mentioning here. Remember, the key concept is variety. 


Picture this situation. A seller approaches you with a shiny product you have never seen before. The product looks wonderful and promising. However, you don’t know its purpose, nor how to use it. 

Since you are full of doubt, you ask the seller to answer your questions before buying. He smiles but never replies to your questions. On top of that, he doesn’t provide details or instructions. All he does is insist on selling it to you. Would you buy it? 

It is of paramount importance to know what we are paying for. Therefore, every product’s official website must provide health guides, frequently asked questions sections, how-to-use steps, and all the necessary information to dissipate any doubt. This includes ingredient lists, scientific sources, and any other relevant material. If the website lacks all of these trustworthy details, then that’s a product you must avoid at all costs. 

No Need to Focus On Format 

A common doubt regarding supplements is choosing the appropriate format. Should you take a liquid supplement? Should you purchase capsules? Gummies? Sachets? Truth is, it is futile to waste time choosing one of them. 

In reality, every format works perfectly. Consider that these products are always tested before being launched. 

So, the format does not matter in the end, because the results are achieved one way or another. Get the one that suits your preferences, but bear in mind that any choice is the right choice. 

What Do You Need? 

Last but not least, you may focus on a specific Probiotic supplement that goes according to your needs. For example, some supplements are a better option for women than for men, and the other way around. Others aim at promoting weight loss, with the rest increasing mood and energy levels. 

Also, some may help reduce stress, and others reduce digestive upset. The benefits Probiotic supplements provide are plenty, and more often than not, a single product provides more than one. In other words, one supplement could share many of the benefits mentioned previously. 

All in all, follow our advice: find the supplement that better suits your needs. Do not forget to read all the information on the product’s website to find the number one option. 

It is understandable when people cannot decide what supplement they should choose. After all, there is too much information that needs to be addressed. Each product is unique in its own way. 

Sometimes, they tackle a very specific issue, but not the one you need to solve. It’s not always simple, but with this guide, you will most likely find this task much easier. 

Lastly, be aware that in many cases it takes time to find a supplement that works for you. So, if you are disappointed with the results, do not despair. Keep trying and you’ll definitely find the one you were needing. We hope you have found these 7 tips useful. 

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