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7 Benefits of Owning Granny Pods

Saturday 18th Jun 2022 |

If you are into home renovations, designing, architecture, or real estate, you might have noticed that most people are interested in small and minimalistic houses these days. There are several reasons behind this preference.  

The demand for big houses has dropped with the increase in individualistic lifestyles. Having tiny homes is more feasible for many people considering both financial and social circumstances. Besides, many people consider the functionality of a house over the thought of having a huge house to show off.  

That being said, the popularity of granny pods is skyrocketing. It gives you a promising space without being in crippling debt. 


What is a Granny Pod? 


Granny pods are tiny houses that are built in the backyard. The primary purpose of the granny pod is to have a place where your elderly grandparents or parents can live as alternative medical care or nursing homes.  

The professional facilities for older adults can be expensive. Above that, your elderly family members stay far away, so you might always be concerned about them. Granny pods allow them to stay close to you while providing their privacy. They can live with dignity and all the necessary facilities for an older adult without interrupting your family home. 

A granny pod is a detached part of the house in the backyard. There is no connection between the house and the granny cottage. It is a small cottage or bungalow. Usually, granny pods are about 400 to 800 square feet with simple floor plans. 


Why Owning a Granny Pod is a Great Idea? 


Having several benefits, the popularity of granny pods is rising. The traditional reasoning for having a granny pod has changed over the years. Older adults can live in a granny pod, which benefits them, but younger generations are also interested in granny pods. 


  1. Family Members get to Stay Close 


As we have already mentioned, the primary reason for granny pods is to have family members close. Although it is meant for elderly people like grandparents or parents, other family members can reside in them too.  

Many younger people also consider living in granny pods while their parents or other family members live in the house. They can get their own space and privacy while staying close to their parents.  


  1. The Granny Pod can be used as a Guest House 


An alternative use for granny pods is to utilize them as a guest house. If you do not have a guest room in your house, you can have a granny pod as a guest house. It allows the guests to stay separately without interfering with your life. They can enjoy their stay while you live as usual.  

This can be especially helpful if someone visits you to stay for a long time or multiple people or family members come to visit. 


  1. Smaller Space can be Convenient Yet Functional 


It might seem a small space might not be functional, but Granny pods are usually large enough to have all the necessities. You do not have to worry about the essential furniture and appliances to fit into granny pods. Moreover, having everything at a minimal distance is also convenient. It is convenient, especially for older people, as they do not have to run around the house all day to get things done. 


  1. Granny Pods take Minimal Maintenance 


As granny pods are tiny houses, maintenance does not require much effort or time. Maintaining a big home is a lot of work, and those not interested in doing that much work are opting for granny pods.  

Organizing, cleaning, and caring for things become much easier in a small place. Daily chores are easier to do compared to running around in a big house. With a granny pod, you can easily clean your home and garden with minimum effort. 


  1. Reasonably Priced Property Option 


It is quite evident that millennials are struggling to own properties as the prices have escalated drastically. Therefore, many people are considering owning a tiny house instead. Granny pods are a good option for them. 

Granny pods are cheaper compared to traditional houses. Those who cannot afford to have big houses or the loan would be too much of a burden opt for granny pods. Granny pods can cost between $40,000 to $90,000. It can go higher based on the intricacy of the interior design. 


  1. Granny Pod can Be Built and Customized 


If you are capable enough, you can build your own granny pod. You can also customize the interior according to your preference. This is another reason why the younger generation is becoming interested in granny pods. 

Traditionally, granny pods are designed in such a way that they are suitable for elders. However, younger people are customizing it based on their preferences. Many young people work remotely and want a separate home or remote workplace. These particular requirements can be easily fulfilled in a granny pod without disturbing other family members in the house. 


  1. You can Rent Your Granny Pod 


If you have a granny pod left unused, you can rent it out through agents or apps. Many people are interested in renting tiny houses these days. You can get some extra income from your granny pod. It is like sharing a house or rooms without being disturbed. 


Drawbacks of Granny Pods 


Although granny pods are mostly beneficial, there are several drawbacks too. Some of them are, 

  • Not all states allow having granny pods. In some states, it is illegal or might be against the housing laws to have granny pods in your backyard. 
  • The overall maintenance and bills might increase due to adding a granny pod. 
  • In some cases, the value of your property might drop for having a granny pod in your backyard. 

To Conclude  


If your state allows it and you want to have a granny pod in your backyard, you can surely go for it. You will be benefited in different ways, as we have mentioned earlier. You should consider getting them a granny pod if you have aging parents.  

Moreover, you might get insurance too for building a granny pod. For any further information, you can contact your local property agents about this matter.