Medical Examinations 

7 Benefits of Having Regular Medical Examinations 

Thursday 10th Mar 2022 |

People are more conscious about their health than ever before, so interest in regular medical examinations is rising. Having an annual medical check-up can help people keep track of their overall health and highlight unknown issues early.

You may think that only the elderly should have regular medical exams but remember that many conditions don’t discriminate by age. Regardless of your age, gender, or race, regular medical check-ups will help to extend your lifespan.  

What Is a Medical Examination? 

A medical examination may be referred to as a health check, physical exam, or general check-up, but they all refer to the same appointment. During the check-up, a doctor will do the following:  

  • Blood pressure will be taken 
  • Thorough examinations of the throat, ears, mouth, and nose will occur 
  • Various lab tests to check functionality in the liver, kidney, urinary tract, and other body parts 
  • Examinations for unusual lumps and bumps in the groin, abdomen, and lymph nodes 
  • Keeping track of weight and height measurements 
  • Bowel, heart, and lung examination using a stethoscope 

These are the typical tests that take place, but you may find some clinics offering further examinations, including X-rays, ECGs, and CT scans. Having specialist tests will largely depend on your personal and family history.  

Access Better Treatments 

Countless conditions form in the body for long periods without displaying any physical signs. By having regular medical tests, you eliminate the risks of needing last-minute general surgeons to jump to the rescue. When you choose to put your health in the hands of a specialist clinic like Circle Health Group, you will have access to top-of-the-range treatments provided by highly skilled general surgeons. You won’t even need to worry about high medical costs because you can spread payments out or use existing health insurance.  

Early Disease Detection 

Disease treatments have a higher success rate when started early. However, many life-threatening conditions don’t show any physical symptoms until it’s too late. Cancer Research UK states that early diagnosis is a critical factor in improving survival rates. Statistically, 9 in 10 lung cancer patients will survive thanks to early detection and treatment. Your annual medical check-up will help doctors to pick up on internal signs early.  

Increase Lifespan 

When you have regular health check-ups, your physician will likely offer your dietary advice and tell you to get more exercise in. As well as this, they will try to provide you with tactics to keep up with your health regime. Keeping healthy habits goes further than eating well and exercising; if you’re a smoker, a good physician will help you to ditch the habit. All of these healthy activities will help to boost your lifespan.  

Keep Track of Health 

Being a healthy person means more than not getting sick. A regular health check will keep track of overlooked parts of human health, including mental wellbeing. Maintaining a positive mental state will help you to remain healthy in other areas of your life. If you need emotional support, your check-up doctor can offer you advice and point you in the right direction. 

Understanding the interconnectedness of mental and physical health is vital. At Flagstone Medical, we believe in holistic well-being, offering comprehensive care that focuses on both physical and mental health. Learn more at Flagstone Medical to discover how we prioritize your overall wellness.

Feel Comfortable Discussing Issues 

Going to the doctor can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to talk about embarrassing problems. Going for a regular check-up will help you to build a rapport with practitioners. Over time, you will feel more comfortable opening up to them. Being able to discuss any and all issues will further increase your access to better treatments. However, if you don’t want to go to the clinic, you can opt to have an online consultation. Telehealth, also referred to as cardiology telemedicine or e-medicine allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose, inform, and treat patients without an in-person visit. 

Keep Health Goals 

Your doctor can help you to come up with a set of attainable health goals, which can include adding items to your diet or increasing your exercise levels. Unfortunately, once you leave the clinic, it can be hard to stick to the goals you set. When you are having regular medical health checks, you will be held accountable by your physician. If you fail to reach your goals regularly, they will help you to redefine them into more minor actions.  

Access Revolutionary Medical Tech 

When you access regular healthcare check-ups at a reputable clinic, they will have access to innovative technologies that will help in your treatment. They can also advise you on pieces of technology that you can invest in to help monitor your health at home. There is plenty of affordable wearable tech that gives you access to information, including heart rate, sleep pattern, and exercise tracking. Your physician may ask you to sync up your device so they can monitor you from a distance; they can call you in if they notice anything unusual.  

People want to know about their overall health more than ever before, which is why there is an increased interest in regular medical check-ups. An annual health examination will increase your chances of accessing cures for life-threatening diseases, will provide access to ground-breaking technology, and help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.